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  1. Yes, for me. I am a melancholic person, and I am happy with the way I have built my life. Not my achievements, but the very environment in which I live my life: my favorite people and the job I like. All this can go away at any moment: this is life, I know. But I feel good and happy right now – and for many years of my life. I did it myself – Marishka and I are together. I don't have big goals. And to live-yes, a pleasure. Day after day.

  2. Sometimes I think that I could just exist-easily and happily. You don't have to do anything about it, because I already exist. Here I look at the sky, how the clouds float, feel the wind, the sound of leaves-so natural, so simple. I seem to merge with them and get rid of any assessment and characterization of myself, I am no longer evil, not stupid, not unhappy. But, in the next moment, I realize that the world with its immutable dogmas will capture me. Work hard to survive. But, after all, this applies not only to the person..every animal, every tree, and all its buds work daily to live and develop, even the clouds and wind do not escape this fate. Nothing can simply exist, and no matter how much I would like it, I myself will not be able to do nothing for more than a few minutes, I will start thinking, I will start fantasizing, I will start reading something, but all these are no longer necessary aspects of existence, the chair just stands and it exists, while all living things are constantly busy with business, planning and implementing
    The joy or sadness of realizing our existence is, in fact, transient and depends on short-term emotions and long-term states related to how successfully we achieve our goals – almost no one is happy about their existence when, for example, they are alone, without work or money, forced to starve.
    This “joy of being” can be activated at times unconsciously, like the idea that just being is beautiful, but all the time you have to not only be, but also face a lot of tasks, make a lot of decisions, and globally realize whether you are in your place or not.

  3. Of course! Yes, this is the fucking pivot around which all this not very important stuff revolves from a series of problems-body problems, eternal dissatisfaction / brief ego satisfaction, incessant leapfrog of changing everything, jumping emotions, an unstoppable pendulum of good / bad. I am – this is the only thing that does not cause me the slightest doubt, because if you suddenly doubt, then who doubts? Everything else comes and goes. Through a fucking cloud of lives that I don't remember enough to be sure that they ever happened, through all the troubles, worries, dreams, deaths, and births, there is a single indestructible macaroni of existence. I am, and everything else is not so important.

  4. I really like it. And I really don't want to stop existing. As a person whose existence may very well be interrupted in the near future by malignant trash, I really appreciate my existence in itself. In general, life begins to love itself when the probability of death becomes very tangible from ghostly and distant.

  5. The answer is hidden in such advice from the Gospel, said 2000 years ago:

    – be like children.

    Think of the children in kindergarten. They don't care about their image, their diet, their status, and almost all of them “like to exist.”

    Well, maybe except for those minutes when they wanted to write or eat or sleep. But as all their simple needs were met , they are happy and joyful again.

    So happy people have simple needs.

  6. No, because there is nothing good in the very fact of existence. This is not a conscious and coordinated action that arose from the subjective desire of your parents to have children and is supported mainly by the property of matter to try to preserve itself, which in the case of living organisms is expressed in the instinct of self-preservation. You are even unwilling to use your mind to dispose of the possibility of existence, because instinct keeps you from choosing non-existence, and a whole series of physiological and psychological processes are regulated by the” whip ” of pain – physical and moral. It's just regulated by default, there's no way to avoid it.

  7. Yes, in “one”moment”so much”piled up”I was so tired and�was sick,�that�began to rejoice,�that�know how to think,�to say,�to hear�to move independently.�Can�fashion�on�me�influenced (always work�so�that�was�against)�now�when все everyone�is sad, since it is so accepted, I am happy about everything)

    And”what”do you mean” by ” existing? I�is�perceive�as�student�years�some�of the top�universities,�when�your�life�limited to�dear�from�Dorm�to the audience,well, �of course, back .�Although�there�can�live�because�youth�after all)

  8. I live. It's boring to exist. Yes, a lot of time is spent on work, a lot on family, on myself, but this is life, I chose it and built it for myself. Yes, it is within the framework of accepted norms in society, but this does not make it exist. I could go to the mountains to Buddhist monks, I could sail on a research ship on the seas and oceans, and this is also life. The beauty of it is that sometimes we don't know what we want, so we think that we exist, but I live and I like it.

  9. It seems to me that the very fact of existence is a neutral fact. It just happened that way. Another thing is what meanings we fill this fact with.

    If we talk specifically about LIFE, then it can be different and then we like it more, then less. And this is normal. If you don't like it in general, then this is a reason to think.

    I live the way I like right now. I mostly do what I want. Sometimes I have to do something I don't like — but I try to remember why I'm doing it, what my goal is, and what my values are.

    Life throws up all sorts of unpredictable things, but learning to accept what we can accept and change what we can change is within our power. Prolong joyful moments, too.

  10. I don't know why I get up every morning. I don't see the point of tomorrow. Everything is in a fog. How miserable life is if you have everything but a moment and you are broke. Thinking “what am I going to eat tomorrow?” has been bothering me for years. I live only in the past and in my dreams a bright future.
    To exist – I exist. I don't really care, but my family doesn't.

  11. The very fact of existence, of separating ourselves from the general immanent mass separates us from nature, bringing us closer to nothing, this is not too happy, especially given the constant needs imposed by capitalism schizophrenic tendencies, consumer society, the only thing that pleases, peace, but complete peace is death, moral at least, so no, not too happy.

  12. Oh yeah. I like to walk for hours and feel the aching pain in my legs from exertion, I like the fact that I can basically walk. I love that I eat my beloved avocado every day, although there are people who can afford to eat it once every few days. I like the way the dust swirls in the sun, I like that I can see it at all. I like the smells, colors, tastes, and shapes of this world. I want to try everything and enjoy every sensation. In general, I'm thrilled.

    Thank you, world.

  13. Yes, that's what I always meditate on. I don't really need anything other than the fact of existence itself. I feel like an eternal and immortal spiritual being, connected to the rest of Existence, to its Creator.

    Of course, I will not call this the highest happiness, but the very fact of existence already brings satisfaction.

    However, this was not always the case. I see that most of the answers here are the opposite of mine. People are unhappy if they don't engage in some external activity, and even if they do, they don't feel happy. I was like that, too. But through self-discovery, studying the ancient scriptures, and communicating with sages, I have found this inner happiness.

  14. God wanted us to be happy, and in order to do this, He put the need for happiness in us.
    But He wanted us all to be happy, not just individuals, and He put the need for love in us.
    That is why people can be happy only when they all love each other.
    This is what I want so that we Humans do not exist, but live with Love and Harmony in the soul, Peace in the heart, with Awareness of the transience and fragility of life..

  15. No. I don't like just existing. I take up space, eat and drink, excrete waste, 8 hours out of 24, that is, a third of the day, I spend in a half-dead state of sleep, when consciousness is turned off. I don't like this. I have no proof that I exist for the better. But I know it makes sense. It's what I live for. I'm going to find answers to my questions for the world.

  16. I think I exist
    I don't like being simple! I like JUST LIVING! One fact of existence will not be satisfied and happy. We are not Buridan's donkeys and oxen pulling the yoke and chewing the cud!
    To be or not to be-that's the question.

  17. The realization that I'm just living doesn't bring satisfaction, but the realization that I'm living with my family, there are good people around me (and bad people too), I'm doing something, everyone is doing something, the sun is shining and not shining, music is playing somewhere, a random passerby is smiling at you-all this makes life life, and then it's already joyful. Because you see that you are living, here is direct evidence for you.

    And if I was isolated from everyone, living alone somewhere, not seeing or hearing anything, I would think that either everyone around me was dead, or I was dying gradually.

  18. I think I get a sense of benefit from being there. After all, as long as I exist, I can do something. If I can't do anything, it makes no difference whether I exist or not, but I don't care if it makes a difference or not. I feel comfortable and calm, but this is for now. As for whether I like to just exist, I think I do.

  19. Yes it is! just awesome) Don't do anything, don't go anywhere, just dream.

    You have a brain and it's like a dream — you say what you want, walk where you want, touch who you want, how you want. This exuberant sex is running through your head, but… not enough depth. Penetrations.

    I love mammals. And to the fact of my being, one should quickly attribute the existence not only of me, but also of others. And then the real mess will begin) You will manipulate them, make them suffer, jump, die-frankly, have fun until you lose your pulse. That's the whole point, isn't it? Relentless pleasure.

    And just existing won't be as sweet as co-existing.

    It's freaking awesome. Sometimes.

  20. It's just that it gives me pleasure to exist during my vacation. I walk around, watch nature, see different people, I like that I can see it all, I exist.

    But when I rested and gained strength, just existence is no longer enough. You need to release your energy somewhere, do something, find something to do. My energy makes me unhappy, and when I give it an outlet , I find a little happiness 🙂 it's a continuous process, like breathing

  21. More likely no than yes… Life is a burden to me, because I “don't know how to live.” Any problem becomes a terrible test for me. Any pain brings me hell of a lot of discomfort. I would choose death if it was offered to me.

  22. If we consider pure existence without everything attached and acquired by labor or given from the moment of birth, then I think that it is from the realization that I am that I am happy. Why? I can't say here. Probably just nice to be around.�
    Confident? No. What is lacking in confidence is the realization of the day when this existence will end.�
    But the consciousness that I am something that is called me (and the awareness of me makes everything around me in every sense of the word “everything”) – gives me even more pleasure and joy.

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