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  1. Maybe I don't quite fit in, because I'm only 21 so far, but I already have a lot to regret. I have always been a rather depressing and melancholic person, and I am very sorry that I spent a lot of time on endless disappointments and worries, both for trifles and for serious reasons, indulging in despondency when I needed to get back on my feet and do something, and not take everything to heart. I regret that I didn't do enough self-development, didn't read enough good literature, didn't learn languages almost earlier, and didn't try a lot.

  2. On the contrary, many years of my life were taken away by show-offs. Daffodils will drink all the juice from normal people, just to amuse their ego. Who will return the lost time on such sites?

  3. I am 23 years old and I only now began to realize that I spent 3 years of my life in vain, and I chose the profession that does not suit me.

    But a person always has reserves for perfection, because even in 40 years you can start doing, for example, sports. The question is motivation.

    Nowadays, the time of consumption, there are not often people who are willing to sacrifice some benefits and habits for the sake of their bright future, whether it is a convenient work schedule or an extra bottle of beer, instead of fresh milk or a 2/2 schedule.

    If you can catch yourself thinking that you need to change your life-this is the best quality of a person that can be. So you have your own head, you can implement your own ideas. After all, you have already thought about your life, and this is already expensive.

  4. Just regretting something makes no sense. But to constructively criticize your past and draw conclusions – that's what is important and interesting.

    I think that I could have been more productive during my school years, because then I had more free time to spend reading books and actively learning programming. And I still had to beg my parents for at least a guitar and torment myself and her. I was also a principled maximalist nerd at school, didn't get along very well with my classmates, and generally tried to rebel against the whole world. I think I should have just been a little simpler or something.�

    Too bad I haven't played music since I was a kid. I've always had the talent and drive to do it. But access to the piano(my favorite musical instrument) has only just appeared, and I have only recently come to the fact that it is worth studying music theory. Here, I'm trying to catch up:)

    At the university, I wasted a lot of time on unnecessary subjects, because I was afraid of losing my scholarship. Because of this, I didn't have much time left for self-development and studying interesting IT technologies. Unfortunately, my Department of Computer Science and Engineering had very few cool subjects and teachers in 4 years.�

    In general, I can't say that I wasted my years (I'm 21), but I often think that I didn't get the most out of myself.

  5. When I was 20-25 years old , I was wondering why restorers, and many of my colleagues then suffered from cancer and other diseases, spend their lives restoring monuments . religious objects, literally not sparing your stomach, and how much it is wasted. Then it seemed to me that if you yourself do not believe in the depths of your soul that all these “pictures” roughly lead to God. then people believe and apparently humanity needs our efforts. Then I realized that they are not needed, not because humanity in principle does not come to God thanks to all these paintings, no matter how beautiful or ancient they were, but simply because in general, with the development of science and technological progress, humanity has changed a lot. Steve Jobs “created” the icon of the new age, and everyone prays to the black screen of the monitor or iPad. People don't care about the past(they mostly assert themselves by breaking it), they don't care much about religion in general (it has acquired more of a ritual sound . no matter how well we justify it) Reenactors of religious art in general are not very necessary (objects have long been rewritten to please the customer.) But for some, this painting or iconography still makes you think about the eternal-so it's not entirely in vain. However, I really feel sorry for the last 15 years spent on Fr. Leonid Kalinin. Before joining him, at least I was a restorer with experience and I had the prospect of growth. So use naive and gullible people , and then delete them from life can only be not people.

  6. I don't regret anything. I'm 27 now, and I've done a lot of stupid and crazy things during that time. But it was all an experience. My experience. And if someone had warned me about the negative consequences of certain actions, I would still have done it in defiance and stepped on those very notorious “rakes”. We humans, I think, are all roughly arranged like this 🙂

  7. My whole life path is a path to theomism. Do I regret it? No. Am I happy about it? Also no. Would I like to change that? Again, no. However… everything is not what it seems. Don't forget.

  8. Regret is good when it turns from just thinking about your actions into concrete goals for the future. But you shouldn't dwell on regret. What was, is gone. In addition, when we made this or that decision in the past, it seemed to us the right one. It is precisely because we have acted in one way or another in the past that we have become what we are now. In general, it seems to me that regret is an integral part of human life, and this is normal, because we change over time and our current views will always diverge from the views that we had in the past. Therefore, in my opinion, you can, of course, be sad because of the wasted years, but you should not get discouraged about it and dwell on it. You just need to analyze your past actions and, if they seem wrong to us now, do not do so again in the future.

  9. Oh yeah. By the time I was 21, I had time to regret leaving the university, about the lost years in running after my beloved, about ignoring literature, and the sciences in general. At some point, I found myself thinking that I was not interested in myself.�

    It's never too late to fix everything. 🙂

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