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  1. Of course it can. Intelligence is not a sign of age. Yes, when children grow up, their intelligence also grows, due to the fact that thinking is formed. But everyone has their own growth opportunities. Therefore, someone can lag behind, and someone can get ahead.

  2. Here you can argue endlessly only about the term “smarter”. I absolutely will not pass the ZNO in chemistry and physics, and the eldest daughter passed with an excellent result, is she smarter? I probably know more about relationships with men and how to run a business, but is it smart, smart-ass, or a professional skill?

    It also reminded me of the question ” Can women play football better than men?” The world champions are definitely better than the teams from our men's amateur league. A competent, educated teenager is smarter than an older gopnik. And then… how the map will fit.

  3. This question is always a trick question…

    If you take life experience..

    A teenager is clearly in this Option will definitely have – minus ( how to build a personal life, work career )

    Relationships in the plan,

    how to build them correctly.. Everything related to personal and impersonal relationships

    Given the realities of the present time, A teenager can be smarter In new technologies and computerization…everything that concerns virtual reality…

  4. It takes place as a fact.
    Gifted Children.
    Small Genii.
    In the perception and assimilation of knowledge
    Being ahead of not only their peers but also teachers in their development . taking an external exam at school and continuing to study in special programs – children with certain abilities and a certain mindset
    and psyche .
    Given a conditional name
    Children,, Indigo” and,, crystal “
    , as well as children prodigies
    Made scientific inventions at a young age.

  5. It can, if it always strives to act judiciously and wisely. If he is guided by his conscience, and not by childish whims and petty selfishness.

    If it strives to learn about the world and expand its horizons.

    If he thinks consistently, consistently and does not cling to pleasant illusions of the mind.

    If he is sensitive to other people.

  6. Do you think a teenager can be smarter than adults?

    It depends on what kind of teenager and what kind of adult. So yes, a teenager can be smarter than an adult.

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