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  1. Our brain works constantly. Constantly absorbs and processes information. And in the modern world, with an abundance of information channels, the brain is simply overloaded and it does not have the opportunity to rest. Not thinking, that is, feeling empty in your head for a while, can sometimes help you relax and continue to act with renewed energy.

  2. The mind is a powerful tool or special technique for assembling reality with our awareness. This is a truly remarkable gift that we receive from the culture of the community in which we were born and raised. However, this tool has one special feature – it rejects other similar tools and, accordingly, the possibility of other realities. “Not to think” does not mean to contemplate stupidly. In particular, Aurobindo spoke of the supramental and submental planes, i.e., there are other tools or techniques for assembling reality in addition to the mind. About them and speech. In other words, the mind gives you its own special reality, but it also imposes it, blocking access to other realities. Therefore, the gift of” not thinking “(i.e., turning to other instruments) after the gift of “thinking” is an even greater gift than the first. Unfortunately, our community itself does not have such a gift and cannot share it with us.

  3. At first, I liked to think until my brain boiled. After reading a book about Sri Aurabindo, I learned not to think. This practice was a transition from atheism to faith. But now I'm leaning more towards the golden mean. I turn on the brain to boil in one direction to solve a specific problem(I pull the bowstring with an arrow), and then completely relax(I release the bowstring with an arrow, allowing it to fly to the target), allowing the subconscious mind to work. But with my thoughts I direct the work of the subconscious mind. If you don't enjoy life on earth, then THE IDEA is CORRECT. If you live an earthly life, then you will have to think.

  4. Because cultivating inner silence, turning off the mental fuss and being in the flow is an effort. Not everyone can achieve this state of mind.

  5. When you think, you try to understand what it will bring you, what it will cost you, and so on. Trying to fully understand everything about what you are thinking, you may come to the option that there is little chance or that it is not clear what this will lead to, you may refuse out of fear, for example, that the success rate is only 50%.when you don't think but act, instead of thinking, you get an experience directly from the event and it can be successful even if the probability of success would be 3 percent. Or for example, you buy a phone and choose from 2 similar ones, but the difference is insignificant for you and you try to make a choice by going through a bunch of forums, viewing a bunch of reviews, and so on, and after using the phone you will not even notice the difference, but you spent your time to make sure that your choice is the only correct one, and then it may turn out that this difference was not important to you. Or for example, �you can live in a country and enjoy everything that is, but if you think about everything around you, you will come to disappointing conclusions, such as that in any case you will often make mistakes, experience pain, разоча disappointments, but also a lot of joy and happiness, or for example, you will think about the state that all thieves and bribe takers and we are needed by the state only as consumers, and so on, and you will take away your thoughts that it is not fun to live even though you are not concerned with everything that happens in the country or you will not be able to influence it in any way

  6. It's a complicated story. Because ka belongs to different categories. the ability to think is the ability to analyze. The ability not to think is the ability to use the subconscious mind – that is, in simple terms, intuition. Why is this gift greater? Yes, because the ability to use the subconscious mind often leads to a more correct path or to a more correct choice…

  7. As a person with an anxiety disorder who is constantly beset by unpleasant thoughts that do not give rest, I completely agree with this idea. So I meditate: it allows you to be in the here and now without thinking too much about the future.

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