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  1. I'm agnostic. I don't fully believe what I'm going to say, but I do accept the possibility. In my opinion, lucid dreaming is not another real world. It is the interweaving of many worlds, but not material ones. This is the individual psychic world-the subconscious mind; and subtle energy and information structures (noosphere, astral), where information about the past, future, scenarios, and other possible real worlds is stored. It all depends on where you will be thrown and what you will do. Most often, people in lucid dreams hang out on an individual level of fantasy (immersed in Maya, in Samsaric illusions). If you do not use this state for entertainment, you can go to other levels. In particular, it is suggested not to succumb to the temptations of this advanced virtual reality, but for example to look for answers to questions, to meditate on a dream as an illusion. Then one can enter into mystical states and even attain the experience of the absolute or enlightenment. Lucid dreaming is not a separate reality – it is a psychoenergoinformation layer. This question is well discussed in the Tibetan yoga of sleep and dreams. She also divides dreams into different types, some of which are just personal illusions.

  2. an interesting question, every night I see prophetic dreams, I feel and remember everything , it's useless to talk to people because most of them don't have answers to such questions . this is a journey of consciousness into the inner world, a copy of the outer world but a piece of the individual world that you created with your thoughts during many incarnations . it is all stored in the mind , and it happens that during sleep you see old past-life scenes . but are they still alive ? if so, then everyone is alive here, if not, then they are not alive here either

  3. I'm very unsure if this is a transition to some other world. This is a projection of our consciousness, that is, the result of the brain. But on the other hand, this is a very interesting function, it is not clear why it was created by nature. Therefore, I would also not say unequivocally that the soul cannot categorically move directly into another real world. Moreover, I can make you happy, no matter what anyone says, but so far neither the human consciousness, nor dreams, nor the work of the subconscious mind have been fully studied. No matter how they pretend that we have everything studied. No, it hasn't been studied yet. And scientists still have a lot of questions on all these topics. Therefore, as long as science has any questions about consciousness at all, we cannot answer this beautiful question unequivocally.

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