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  1. There are such people. Sometimes they do these bad things in order to harm the other (s) in pursuit of some goal. “Nothing personal, just business.”

    Sometimes a bad act with the goal of harming another is done precisely in order to harm and do bad things. By humiliating another, some people hope to elevate themselves, or at least not think about their own real or imagined problems.

    Sometimes a bad act is committed, although consciously, but on the principle of “They don't know what they are doing” – that is, for some reason, a person believes that he is doing well and does not harm anyone.

  2. I don't think people just get angry. There are reasons for this kind of reaction outside. What is “inside” a person. Something that shaped him for some time, most often in childhood. And yes, there are such people. And their actions are a way to respond to the “phantoms”who created them. However, this is not a real way out, only the illusion of “restoring” yourself.

  3. Sure. The more a person chooses evil, the more power the forces of evil gain over him, the less freedom he has left. And the forces of evil always dictate the choice of bad deeds. True, such a person will consider them good, will be proud of them.

  4. Conencho. what surprises you? It's not natural to be kind.

    it is necessary to survive.
    Naturally, the society came to this conclusion. that it is better and more convenient to survive together, and within your group you need to follow certain norms of behavior.
    But… get you out of your society, plunge into a different life and very soon you will begin to live on a different principle.

    the desire to do something without paying attention to others is normal.

    it's just that it's usually balanced by some ideals.

  5. There are no evil people, or anything evil at all. Evil is only in our head in relation to those people who have committed bad deeds. And then from which side to look at this very evil: from the socio-legal, educational, psychological, economic, etc. In my opinion, evil is something that is achieved with maximum self-interest.

  6. Of course, there are those who deliberately, meaningfully commit bad deeds, do evil.

    For what? To make you feel like a real person. To feel the reality of your Self through your actions, making a meaningful decision to commit a bad act and observing the consequences, to experience through this the feeling of your “presence”, to feel real.

    The healthy majority just lives for all this. Such people often have difficulties with this because of some backwardness in development, which is why they resort to” evil”, causing harm to others.

    To put it simply, instead of just living and enjoying themselves, they are shitting. And only in this way are they able to realize their inner world, that is, to show themselves and others its presence, thus feeling their “fullness”.

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