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  1. No one changes, everything remains the same. It's just that people move a little away from the usual for a while, and no more, but only for a while.

    Experience will show you in the near future.

  2. You know, I used to be close to the idea that “people don't change”, but over the course of my life experience, even if it is quite small, I will still join those who believe that people can change. Although, I do not exclude the possibility that over a certain period of time, a person simply opens up to us from new, previously unknown sides. Well, if they do not change, then how can you explain many literary novels (such as Dreiser) where the personality is traced throughout life?

  3. From my own experience, I can say that they are changing, I also used to think that everything remains in its place, or changes are only external, but over time I realized that this is not always the case. Sometimes a person can really change, and the degree of change can vary greatly, from almost imperceptible features, to drastic changes in the level of behavior, habits and thinking.

    But there is one quirk, I did not come across people (I emphasize-it is me, I can not judge the total mass, since I am not an expert), who were given this right away, they say, once! and here you are, fresh as a cucumber!
    As a rule, all this was preceded by a very long and hard work on yourself. People who are aware of the problem, accept it, and are fully aware that something needs to be done. Therefore, there are few such people. More than those who at first glance have changed, but as already mentioned by Albertina, this is only a temporary phenomenon under the influence of certain factors, events or people, and in case of a stressful situation, all this paint is usually quickly washed off or the person changes again under the influence of other events, adopting certain features.

    But of course, these are just amateur observations, and I think that if psychologists look here, they will be able to give an exhaustive answer from a professional point of view.

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