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  1. well, in general, a fighter is a very broad concept. composure, calmness, and composure also have a place to be, and damn, these qualities would not hurt anyone, not just men. the ability to assess the situation, in particular, to understand whether a fight is so inevitable. Yes, and physically it is not only useful for men. I believe, yes, they are needed. To everyone. You need to be able to protect yourself, protect others, and find out who to prescribe Pendal to. In any case, this is not just “waving your fists”, but the art of calculating options, using improvised means, and most importantly – neutralizing the enemy. Not a demonstration of your own coolness. Like, ” never start a fight, but always finish it.”

  2. In what way?
    If in terms of applied, like fights on the street and so on-not very, to be honest. I've been boxing for 8 years, and I've fought on the street 1 time in my entire life. And he didn't even fight, but slapped the drunk across the face. As it is, I don't recall that anyone I've worked with has found it useful.
    For self-defense, more injuries are suitable. As there “there is no steeper karate than in the pocket of two TT” ahah)
    But in terms of psychological-necessarily. You feel more confident, and this confidence is transmitted to all areas of life. And in negotiations with business partners, and in conversation with girls, and in some conflict situations.

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