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  1. In the TV series Continuum, the main character kills her copy from the “alternate past” in order to stay in her timeline and avoid the O_o paradox

    Alec Sadler returns to the past to save his girlfriend, finds out that she is responsible for the death of her father, as a result, Alec of the present time gets fucked up (and he is like Elon Musk, but younger by 20 years, a genius), as a result, he kills the evil himself so that the future is not Orwellian. O_o

    It turns out that you can. But in the Sliders series, no one killed their doppelgangers. Well, just imagine. You are from a parallel world – this is actually YOU. Would it be like some sort of suicide? Not quite. Would you like your own death? Unlikely. Theoretically, of course, it is possible…

    In the Fringe series, Dr. Walter Bishop and his counterpart from a parallel world, alternate Walter (Walternate was his nickname) did not get along very well. Brilliant scientists. From our universe – crazy, but remorseful, there were reasons. From the parallel – grieving for his son, a completely different person developed.

    In the third season, Olivia from a parallel world impersonates Olivia from our world in order to spy. And Olivia from our world has been stuck in that world all this time, and they're having nightmares about her, they want to remove her. In general, in this case, Olivia-B could easily have killed Olivia-A.

    In the series The Sorcerer, you would not have been from an alternate world at all, because the development of this parallel world went completely according to a completely different scenario a couple of hundred years ago, Your ancestors died a long time ago, you were probably not even born…

    What's the point? Even if you meet your copy in a parallel world, it is essentially a different person. Even if that person is 99.9% you, it's still a different person. You will still have remorse for the crime. Answer to the law? That's another question. If you get caught , there will be a huge scandal. Perhaps you will be declared the lost twin of the murdered man, but you will still be sent to prison.
    What would Quinn Mallory have done? He wouldn't kill an alternate Queen.
    And I wouldn't, two me's would be twice as much fun.
    You can take this person's place in their world, but it is unlikely that you will be happy from this.

    What to do if you got there, in a parallel world, and there is no way back? It's easier to go to a quiet place and live your difficult strange fantasy life, knowing that you will never return home again. This is your destiny, what can you do? And let the alternative You live in peace, unaware of you.

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