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  1. Yes, of course, if it is taught by other people, it is aware of it. Without language skills, unfortunately, it is difficult to talk about awareness. And because language is a tool for awareness and communicating awareness to others who are interested in it. And because the existing cases of Mowgli children, when children did not learn the language (with normal hearing and vision), show (according to Wiki, for example) that these children are not able to socialize or learn the language if they did not learn before 3-4 years.

    Here is an example of these techniques:�meduniver.com

    These people are not without touch.

    And here's more about everything related, including from specialists:

    What language do deaf and dumb people think in from birth? how do they learn?

  2. Does a person who was born blind and deaf recognize themselves as a person?

    I'm afraid, unfortunately, yes. The brain and humans are generally very adaptable things, and no matter how meaningless life is, they continue to look for ways to survive.

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