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  1. Personally, I do not belong to any religion or faith. But I have an alternative point of view.
    The Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Holy Spirit reside in Paradise.
    The eternal Island of Paradise is the center of the Entire Universe, stretching for several billion light-years and continuously revolving around the divine universe. For us, God may be the creator son who possesses all the attributes of the Universal Father, Michael of Nebadon, who underwent his seventh bestowal on Earth in the form of his lowest creation, a man named Jesus, who lived to reveal the will of the Universal Father. Of course, he is not sitting on a cloud, he has recently been the planetary prince of Earth, instead of Lucifer Caligastia who took the side(The Devil), and his planetary residence is located on the planet Salvington, the capital of the Milky Way region called Nebadon, which includes 10 million inhabited worlds, not counting stars, black islands of space and uninhabited planets. You don't have to see someone far away to find God, but God is personally present in each of us through a personal thought adjuster (God's spark, inner voice), so God already hears your prayer inside you and knows everything.

  2. It should be noted that the word sky does not have specific boundaries in the perception of different people. Can you answer the question: what is the distance from the earth's surface to the sky and where does it end? I.e., what do you mean when you say about the sky: only the Earth's atmosphere or the entire infinite space of the universe?

    And to answer your question, first you need to verify the existence of God himself. For atheists, there is no God, so for them to talk about his place of residence is not logical. And believers can have a variety of answers, which is why you have this question.

  3. God does not live within the literal heavens, for He is a Spirit. There are two worlds: the spiritual and the physical. In the spiritual world (invisible to human eyes) live spiritual beings, and in the physical world-people, that is, beings with flesh. The Bible says in 113: 24, ” The heavens are the heavens of the Lord, but the earth He has given to the sons of men.”

    The spiritual realm of habitation is often referred to as” heaven, “and often” heaven ” refers to God himself, who occupies the position of Master. Isaiah 66: 1: “Thus says the Lord: The heavens are my throne, and the earth is my footstool…”

    The spiritual heavens are also the abode of angels.

  4. KNOW, the Sky of God's Life!..
    THERE is A Spirit of Love Hall!.,
    Our Home Is The Home Of The Gods!.,
    Rest of Christ for All Souls!..

    More On the Online service “Answers mail.ru” A Reasonable Clarifying Question WAS ASKED:
    – In What Heavens is Our Holy Father?!.. (https://otvet.mail.ru/question/98223906)
    With An Explanatory Explanation:
    An Example Of The Prayer to the Good God ” Our Father. . “(Mf6: 9..),
    Which Christ GAVE to the Disciples, and CALLS the Top-the Light-the World Where God LIVES! exactly:

    ..Our Father who art in Heaven!. . “(Spirit of Reason!.. Mf16: 17 In3:13)

    However, NONE of the blind-church-believers who call to HEAVEN.
    and those who are even going to live FOREVER with God in Heaven (1 Thess 4: 15-18 Phil 3: 20..), Do NOT really know the Place of This Heaven:
    whether it is the darkness of Yahweh (2 Par 6: 1), or the Light of Christ (1 Tim 6:16), or A MIXTURE of THESE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS: in a world of chaos. . (?!? 2 Corinthians 6: 14,15 Phil*10)
    Hence the weakness of their prayers “To NOWHERE” (Jn 8:19), which are no longer addressed to the Living God Christ, but to the dead: … the gods of darkness, local “saints”, “saints”, “intercessors” , “interpreters” …(Jn 8:44 10:8 Rom 1: 18-32)
    But can the powerless dead REPLACE the all-powerful Living? “NO WAY! (Isaiah 8: 19 Mf23: 8-10 Jn 3: 31 Mp9: 7,8 Thom * 57 1IN 5: 19-21) Amen!
    Therefore, the Question of the Location of Heaven, That is, the Kingdom of God, Is Very Important for Those who Seek Him, Go to Him, Pray to Him! . . and REQUIRES A True Answer! Isn't that right?! (Fom*29)
    For Example, Like This:
    If the sky is far away. . (Mf15:8)
    “Domolitsya” is not easy. . (Fom*2)
    But when His Light is in Us! . .– (Jn 14: 20)
    We are not afraid of ANYTHING! . .(1In4:4in8)

    The Spirit Of Christ, Who Teaches Us All Things! . .(Jn 14: 27) and Prayer!. . (Rom 8: 26,27), SAYS:

    .TEST YOURSELVES to SEE if YOU are in the Faith of God (Mark 11: 23 James 2:1),
    EXPLORE YOURSELF. Or DO YOU NOT KNOW Yourselves that Jesus Christ (the Spirit-Kingdom-Heaven) is in you? ! Unless you are not (yet) what you SHOULD BE. I HOPE YOU WILL FIND OUT ABOUT Us that We are What We SHOULD BE! . .(2 Corinthians 13:5 Jn 14: 20-27 Lk 17: 21 Col1: 26-28..)

    Who art in all the heavens (Rev 4: 1,2..Eph 2:4-22)
    There is a Living Christ in our Hearts! . .(Jn 14: 20-27 Rom 8: 10 2 Corinthians 13: 5 Col. 1: 27)
    His Mind CREATES Peace! . .(Lk24: 45 1 Corinthians 2: 15,16)
    All Who See Him Alive! . .(2 Corinthians 6: 16)

    There is a Spirit of Power in the Sky of God! . .(In14)
    Paradise-The Stronghold Of The Souls Of Loved Ones! . (2 Corinthians 3: 17,18)
    In the sky w superstition of the flesh. . – (Am9: 2 In8: 23-44..)
    HELL in the stinking swamp of lies. . (Ps68:3 2Pet2)

    In the sky of dark flesh pushes. (2Pet2)
    The mind thinks narrowly in caring. . (Ecl1..)
    In The Sky w Light-Push The Spirit! . .(Jn 14:20-27)
    The Mind Is Open!… Freedom Of Hearing! . .(Mp7: 32-35)

    THE SKY of stupidity is despicable. – (Isaiah 34: 4 Abd 1: 4 Otk6: 14)
    GNILOsophy's dark tomb. . (Mf23 Acts 17: 18-22:8)
    The Sky of Wisdom is Blissful! . .– (Ps1 Mf5)
    The Wedding Hall Feast!!! (Mf22 Mp2:19)

    Source: The Heaven of the Mind of Christ!.. (In14)

  5. God does not live on earth or in heaven. According to the Holy Scriptures God has a specific place of residence and he does not live on earth with people:

    “Is it possible for God to live with men on earth? If the heavens and the heavens of heavens cannot contain you, how much less this temple which I have built” (2 Chron 6: 18).

    God does not live on earth with people because the material world does not contain him. As it is said above that “heaven and the heavens of heavens do not contain” God. God does not live in his material creation, but lives in the spiritual heaven, beyond our universe, in the spiritual heaven, where his abode is:

    “Hear thou from heaven, thy dwelling place, and forgive, and render to every man according to all his ways” (2 Chron 6: 30)

    The abode of God is the spiritual heaven, and in order for him to see what is happening in our material universe, He lives on a height higher than the material heavens, he has to bow down to see our heaven and earth:

    “Who is like the Lord our God, who dwells on high, and bows down to look upon heaven and earth?” (Psalm 112: 5,6)

    That's why God said that if anyone sees Him, they can't stay alive from such a powerful energy and glory.

    “Then He said,' You cannot see my face, for no man can see Me and live ' (Exodus 33: 20).

    Just as we cannot approach the sun, the Creation of God, and stay alive, much less the source of all power. We can still be grateful that God does not live on earth or in heaven, and that he is not omnipresent, because thanks to this, we are alive.

    There is no such word as omnipresent in the Bible. God does not live everywhere at once. How an artist drew a picture doesn't live in his own picture. Just as the carpenter created the big cabinet does not live in the cabinet, but he has a house, so God, Who created the material world, our universe, does not live in it. Where the material world ends, the spiritual world begins, the spiritual heaven, the abode of God.

    And so, thanks to what God sees hears, knows everything and does whatever He wants in any corner of our universe and the earth, while being himself outside of the material world?

  6. The sky is a very flexible concept, and the word is ambiguous.
    As Jesus anointed, ” The kingdom of Heaven is within you.”
    It turns out that the sky is also exactly there. What kind of sky is this? Isn't that the sky outside?

    To know something, you need to study it.
    And how to study if Jesus also said, ” Where I go, you cannot come there.” And he said to the Apostle Peter: “Where to�I�go�you�not�can�
    now�Me�to go and go�for�By me”
    It was Jesus who spoke of death as the door to where He had gone.
    Where does this door lead? Inside the person?
    Apparently, you need to look deeper into yourself – there is a door to the sky. It's not the same sky as above.

    And it is said of God that He lives in an unapproachable light.

    In general, not the sky above your head is meant, but some other dimension.
    I think so.

  7. “Our Father who art in heaven” is one of the main prayers that speaks about where God lives. But this sky is not in our understanding. The sky that we see was also created by God. It is material. But there are probably a few heavens that we can't even imagine. And most likely in some spiritual sky dwells God. The Apostle Paul was caught up to the 3rd heaven. (2 Corinthians 12). After all, there are many things that our mind simply can not accommodate. I think God lives in a heaven where there is a paradise. After all, Jesus did not promise “You will be with me in paradise”for nothing.

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