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  1. I immediately thought about the lack of action in the criminal law.(Criminal omission is a voluntary passive behavior of a person, which consists in the fact that a person does not perform or improperly performs the duty assigned to him, as a result of which harm is caused to objects of criminal law protection or a threat of causing such harm is created.) And even based on this definition, which applies to jurisprudence, inaction can answer this philosophical question. You can do nothing in such a way that it will be dangerous to society and I will punish you for inaction. So, as such inaction does not exist after all, as already said, even when you are dead, you perform some actions (no matter how it sounds, you are lying, for example).

  2. Here lies a dead man, 2 m below ground level. It seems to have been inactive for 300 years, but no!!! There are philosophers who consider this an action!!!!!!

  3. There is no inaction per se.
    Because any action or omission always generates a result.�
    By the way, there are a few threads of Hindu philosophy in this question – “He who sees inaction in action and action in inaction is the most intelligent among people.”

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