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  1. Washed away in this of course not… but it's a tradition-people won't understand )))

    Raising money in a team is especially fun: 10 people in the department are discounted 1000 rubles each for their birthday… that is, everyone gives 9 times 1000 rubles each during the year and receives 1 time 9000 rubles-such a meaningless bill turnover in the department )

    But in the “affixing” I see the meaning, it's nice to eat something delicious at work and treat your colleagues yourself… and the schedule of Birthdays somehow regulate this “belly festival”)

  2. Everyone decides for themselves. Personally, I think that it is not necessary to celebrate a birthday at all, since it is only the day of a person's birth. The human race has been going on for millions of years, which means that there is nothing solemn, outstanding and special about it. A birthday party requires certain expenses for a fun pastime on the part of the birthday boy, and the money modestly extended as a gift from those invited to the holiday/just wishing to congratulate sometimes does not cover the amount of expenses, and on the part of the guest, the most important difficulty is thinking about the gift.; although usually, as we know, the birthday boy is given the aforementioned money as a last resort. Often a birthday becomes a good reason to get drunk… ahem, sorry, a drink that affects the body the very next morning. And it doesn't matter if you were a guest or the culprit of the celebration at the party, you can't help but think: was it worth it? In addition, a birthday also becomes an occasion for the birthday boy to increase his sense of self-importance only because of his appearance on a certain day of a certain month. This is just the day you were taken out of your mother's womb twelve years ago (I won't go into details, since you know all about it), calm down.

  3. Everyone decides for themselves. I think it makes sense, of course. This is an occasion to have a good time with your family and friends, to receive gifts. If you are in Moscow, then on your birthday you can go to the omg virtual reality club-vr ru/arenda-kluba-na-prazdnik/ And you will have many pleasant memories later)

  4. Celebrating milestones that year after year bring you closer to a long-awaited, but, fortunately, inevitable event – what could be more logical and pleasant? A birthday party is cool!

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