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  1. Of course not. For me, there is no sense, no reasonable reason to smoke at all. Spoil your own health and the health of others for your own money..

  2. No. I had this situation. Never smoked, then decided to smoke. I smoked for about two months, then over time I got stupidly tired and I gradually stopped. In the beginning, when you first start smoking, you get a little high from long puffs, but then it will end. From the benefit-to pass the time when it is necessary, you will have to go out for a walk more often. That's all there is to it.

  3. It doesn't make sense. Cigarettes do not bring anything useful, except for a variety of social communication (and that is not a fact) and beautiful photos on Instagram. Smoke if you want. No one forbids it. But why? Smoking for the sake of the fact of smoking, and not getting pleasure from it, is too stupid.

  4. I know only one reason why you can start smoking – smoking removes emotions and can help you focus on what you're doing. But it brings too many problems, so this plus does not outweigh all the disadvantages (it eats money and health). So it is not profitable, I do not advise you to start.

  5. No. Smoking is a waste of money, harm to health, stench from hands and clothes, blurred head and other “joys” of well-being. Smoking does not provide any positive aspects.

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