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  1. Each person has their own peak performance. Who has it in the morning, and at 5 to get up does not hurt. And “vechernikam” it is better to sleep longer, but the efficiency in the evening they will be higher when the lark is already exhausted. That's exactly what makes sense – it's in a certain fixed schedule of getting up and going to bed.

  2. Well, it already depends on how you will spend this time. If you wake up at 6, and then lie around until 12, doing nothing, it is unlikely that something will change in a positive way. Devote your morning time to yourself-showering, exercising, beauty treatments, reading, cleaning, learning something new (foreign languages, for example), drawing, or all at once. Simply put, anything to improve your skill in anything. And it is worth remembering that you also need to go to bed for 6-7 hours, so that the body has time to rest. Lack of sleep is also of little use.)

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