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  1. Karma certainly exists – within the marketing discourse of people who are ready to diagnose and clean it up for you.

    The problem with solving psychological problems in this way is that you will give the money, but you will not understand the mechanics of cleaning, and you will have to come to the cleaner again and again. And the only clue is that he doesn't understand it himself ) If your belief in it has a placebo effect , it will work. Not given – no.

    A competent psychologist will work with you in such a way that you will understand what the problem was and how you got the result: and in the future you will be able to do many things yourself.

  2. It doesn't exist.

    I strongly disagree with the statement “karma is just the consequences of our actions” or “karma is the causal relationship between an action and an outcome.” Just “karmic” connections like to be found where there are no logical ones, and you can pull anything by the ears.

    For example, those who like to search for karma everywhere are very fond of the topic of abortion. “If you have an abortion, you'll get brain cancer.” Where is the connection? “Is the child ill? The house burned down? Business collapsed? “that's because you had an abortion 10 years ago. You can't get away from karma…

    No, gentlemen, it doesn't work that way. There is a correlation, there is a causal relationship, you can prove the existence of a connection, you can prove the absence. And “karma” is an eye – catcher. “Yelled at the child-broke the voice” – this is a causal relationship. But “yelled at the child-got into an accident in the evening” is an attempt to find a connection where it does not exist. And of course, I want to find it. Especially for a child.�

    Of course, we want people who, in our opinion, did something bad to get retribution. That's why they came up with “karma”. But it should be understood that all this is exclusively religious and mystical thinking and, often, wishful thinking.

  3. I'm sure it exists. My karma always works immediately: if I do something bad, I quickly get back a boomerang. As for the good stuff, I'm not sure it works the same way. I try to live properly, not mess up, do good, help people, and at the same time my life is not easy, I constantly overcome obstacles. Tarologue mentioned a karmic debt, because of which this happens… All I can do is reduce the debt by doing good and not doing evil. Some things exist regardless of scientific justification or our desire…

  4. Exists. Example : in a previous life, a man was a female witch, she was engaged in black magic, destroyed, changed someone's fate .in this life, this man is endlessly conjured against, destroying his life, health, personal life, work, affecting all spheres with the help of black magic. Although in this life, he did nothing wrong to anyone at all ,and suffers greatly .

    Another example: a man from a previous life has a karmic debt to his mother,that is, when in a previous life he committed a betrayal of his mother or some other karmic debt to her,and in this life, on the contrary, the mother refuses him herself, commits treachery to her son. another example : in a previous life, a person was without a specific place of residence and it can be repeated in this life for a person,indicating large karmic debts . All this can be easily seen by the date of birth of a person, even without knowing him personally and how he lives now, the numbers will tell you everything. I advise you. you can apply .

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