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  1. No, not infuriating, the hype period will pass. Remember the same swag, for example. It disappeared from everyday use in a year or two, so the HYPE is not long left.

  2. Wildly infuriating. And the term is not a year old, not two or ten. You can also recall the junglists who liked to chant “Hype!” in unison on the dance floor:) Now, around the very term “hype” such hype has spread that it causes almost physiological disgust

  3. Yes, yes, and yes again. This is simply impossible, this word is shoved everywhere at all. As a result, you get so fed up with this neologism that it makes you want to puke. It is used by everyone, all the time and not a damn thing is clear why. Especially often this is done by teenagers and absolutely children. It's being strummed around your ears 24/7, and not only that, but it doesn't really make any sense, except for cheap fame and the cult-like fucking trade.

  4. It's a little annoying because “hype” is beginning to mean a certain culture, which consists of rappers and video bloggers. What is now called a hype, in principle, has always existed, it's just an incorrect Russification of the word itself, which crept up at a certain time. That is why what is happening now in the culture can be called the “Era of HYPE in Russia”.

    There's a 1996 movie called Hype! that was about grunge, the “Seattle sound,”and you won't believe it. It turns out that the hype turns out to be quite a universal thing, and it appeared long before the second half of the 10s.
    And the word “hype” itself means, rather, “hype”, and if it were used somewhere in the zero… “Pugacheva divorced Kirkorov-HYPE”, “Zemfira released a new album-HYPE”, “Avatar – HYPE came out”, “Barack Obama became president-HYPE”, and you can continue indefinitely!

    What I want to convey by this. “Hype” in Russian – speaking countries is a kind of epochal phenomenon, a general designation for a mainstream cultural trend, while in the West it is the most common word that denotes almost everyday phenomena. Hype is a beautiful generalization for what is happening in the modern culture of the country, and this is where the problems arise.: it has become too attached to rappers, bloggers, has become something of a household name, and it is somehow strange to use it in a normal conversation, even if you can.

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