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  1. If problems are noticeable even from 10 meters away, then definitely yes. Most likely, it is also a problem to get a job in the field associated with constant communication.

    This is a serious problem and it is advisable to contact a skin dispensary or just a dermatologist to identify the cause.

    It is also very important that even if there are imperfections, the skin is clean(washed/rubbed with lotion).

    Although if we talk about the first impression, which directly depends on the appearance – often the body complexion, neatness, haircut, clothing, “emotional” image comes to the fore, if the skin problems are not more serious than small, not very noticeable imperfections.

    But in general, after the first acquaintance, chemistry will already play a role, how interesting and pleasant it is to communicate and all that) and if the girl is inclined to communicate, close, then she will certainly help and tell you how to cope with skin problems.

  2. My boyfriend has atopic dermatitis. He doesn't have terrible red crusts all over his face, because he constantly uses a special ointment. Of course, if he forgets to use it for a couple of days, then pink spots with a crust will start to appear on his face.�
    Does it repel me? No. And it never repelled me. He has very nice features and, in my opinion, the disease does not spoil him, because he is a wonderful person who gives me happiness!)

  3. It depends on how problematic it is and what it is related to. Skin problems are an identifier of the state of the body; it means that something somewhere is not functioning normally, so you need to look for the problem and deal with it, and not take the problem skin for granted.

    'Repulsive' is a personal matter, depending on how close you are to a particular woman. In general, women know more about how to deal with such problems, know the means and how to use them, so they can help you a lot. If everything is too neglected, then, of course, it will push you away, because it immediately becomes clear that a person is sick and this can be very contagious. Subcutaneous mites, staphylococci, for example, or worse. If the skin is too dry or too oily, then this can and should be dealt with, and it is very simple.

    First of all, you need to take care of your health, and then women will catch up.

    If you really love a person, it doesn't repel you 🙂

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