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  1. Different thinkers have different views on whether free will is compatible with determinism. If you hold the position of incompatibility, then yes, the Haynes experiment can serve as an argument against the existence of free will. But it may not serve, the probability of successful predictions is only 60% and we are talking about extremely simple reactions, I personally am not ready to call this proof of the determinism of human behavior.�

    If you believe that the determinism of human behavior does not mean the absence of free will, then this experiment is not an argument for you.

    Personally, I am more inclined to the position of compatibility of determinism and free will, at least I am definitely not ready to remove responsibility for their behavior from people if it is proved that it is predictable. Even if we are automatons who are bound to make the same choices under the same conditions, the fact that we hold people responsible for their decisions among the conditions that determine them definitely affects what decisions they make, and therefore there is no need to abandon the concept of responsibility.

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