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  1. In general, this question may have several fundamentally different meanings. On the one hand, it can be understood as “what is the universal meaning of any person's life”, and on the other – “what is the individual meaning of this particular person's life”.

    Whether there is a universal meaning to life is a big question, but the individual meaning of life, of course, exists, and even if someone does not pronounce the answer to this question for himself, he answers it with his actions. If someone, for example, spends his whole life accumulating wealth, then for him the “meaning of life” consists in accumulating money, and if a person devotes himself entirely to his family, then it is this family that determines his meaning of life.

    A person who has lost understanding of the meaning of life loses motivation and the ability to properly navigate and act in the world. There is an entire field of psychotherapy – existential psychotherapy-in which the question of the meaning of life and the related question of values plays a central role in the process of psychological help.

  2. The question itself makes sense. But there is really no meaning as such, as many philosophers and thinkers have already proved. In short, they believe that there is only meaning in life. And that's a big difference. Good luck!

  3. This question is the same as the question: Does it make sense? That is, this is a question to nowhere, the answer to which can be such ( to match the question) – it is so, because it is so.�

    What kind of life is implied in the question? A person or all living things on the planet, or everything that is created in the universe?

    If we clarify the question: Does the question “what is the meaning of a person's life” make sense? This is already substantive. The answer is that it doesn't make sense. Why? Only and exclusively because the “person” in the question is a collective designation of humanity. And the meaning of a person's life is purely individual.

    One has it and knows about it, the other also has it, but knows nothing about it. The meaning of human life is extremely individualized. At least for the materialist consciousness, this is true. But if under the word “life” for humanity� if we mean the meaning of its evolution, then in this case the question is in order and there is an answer to it.

    The meaning of individual life consists, in particular, ” in the fact that ( as Nikolai Ostrovsky said) life must be lived in such a way that it is not excruciatingly painful for the aimlessly lived years.”�

  4. I will answer with more content quotes from the song 25/17: “Meaning is in everything.”

    Whether everyone asks this question is possible. We give meaning to a particular question, activity, or action by ourselves.

    For example: whether it makes sense to learn English-yes, if you are going to travel.�

    Meaning is determined by us, based on our values and guidelines.

  5. You're right about that. This is a trick question. For hundreds of years, people have not found an answer to it that would suit everyone. But the fact is that the question contains a term of unassigned content – “the meaning of life”.

    Douglas Adams, in his “Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy,” very well ridiculed this problem. He described an ancient civilization that created a super-powerful computer and set it the task of finding the answer to “the main question of life, the universe and in general.” The computer thought for millions of years and finally gave the answer — “42”. Naturally, this answer did not suit anyone, because it did not give any useful information. But the problem was not in the answer, but in the fact that the question itself was not properly formulated. The main question of life, the universe and in general-what is this question?

    With the meaning of life, the story is similar. We try to find out what this meaning is, but we don't think for a second about what kind of idea we put in the very concept of “the meaning of life”.

    On this occasion, I wrote a short note with options for determining the meaning of life. See here.

  6. Of course it does. You have been given the opportunity to live your life. And it is desirable to live it in such a way that before leaving there is a sense of satisfaction from how it went, and not regret about the time wasted. And what kind of meaning life will be filled with, already depends on the specific person.

  7. Who is used to doing everything with meaning, for that it probably makes sense! Meaning in life? When a person is born, no one asks him, he was born and everything, as you want — so live, whatever you find the meaning — that's yours! Where a person was before birth and where they will be after life is unknown, so you need to look for the meaning in life so that you don't feel ashamed in front of yourself and the people who help you in life!

  8. If you have asked yourself this question, then it makes sense…

    Everyone has their own answer and you should not listen to others, you should not, just persist in looking for an answer. you just need to live and get pleasure from the process of life….

  9. I do not know how to change my worldview in later life, but so far I have come to the conclusion that there is no meaning anywhere. Not in your life, not in mine. There's no grand design, and if something's happened, it's just S-L-U-H-I-L-O-S-L. It's just that people, by their very nature, need to look everywhere for meaning, hidden intent, etc. Minus it if you don't agree.

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