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  1. All quantities that we have learned to measure are relative, i.e. when we measure, we compare one quantity (quantity 1) and another quantity (quantity 2).

    Thus, we express quantity 2 through quantity 1, i.e. the measurement result is always the ratio of two quantities.

    At the same time, all quantities exist independently of our consciousness, knowledge and everything else, because these are actual relations of actual quantities, we have learned only to determine quantities and measure quantities, i.e. to find the relations of these quantities.

    The quantities may or may not change, and this also does not depend on our consciousness and our knowledge.

    Quantities can change linearly and non-linearly, this also does not depend on our consciousness and our knowledge.

    The surrounding world does not need to measure anything and synchronize measurements, because all the processes that occur in the surrounding world occur in accordance with the actual quantities that determine the balance of this surrounding world and this balance of quantities and it does not depend on our consciousness and our knowledge.

    Quantities in this world change according to their own laws, which does not depend on our consciousness and our knowledge.

    We have learned to measure a quantity that we call time, because there are quantities that change linearly with respect to each other, but this quantity, like all others, does not depend on our consciousness and our knowledge.

    Moreover, all of the above does not depend on any consciousness or knowledge, even if it is a universal mind or God.

    Time must be understood as a linear change in any quantity that does not depend on our consciousness and our knowledge.

    Therefore, time exists as a linear change in quantities in a limited volume.

  2. Materialistic position-yes, time exists without consciousness. After all, somehow the time before the creation of the first conscious organisms from the beginning of the creation of the universe has passed.

  3. Time is a speculative binding of some events to other events. Time is a process of awareness. Awareness does not occur “outside” of consciousness.
    Space is also a category of consciousness, a speculative binding of some particles of matter to other particles of matter.
    Consciousness is a lot of information or an information field that is everywhere, so the categories “inside” and “outside” (“outside”)are used for this purpose. they only apply to it if you specify specific borders that separate the interior and exterior parts of the item under consideration.

  4. There is no entity that you can point your finger at and say “here is the time”. There is a constant process of changing matter. So that a mangy monkey named Gopnik Sapiens could navigate in it, she came up with a comparison process. Some elementary and frequently repeated change is taken as a reference and other changes are compared with it. So time cannot exist outside the consciousness of this Gopnik.

  5. Does time exist outside of consciousness?

    Only a system with memory can perceive time, because changes are recorded only by comparing the past and present.

  6. Time existed before the appearance of consciousness, and after the disappearance of consciousness, it will still exist. This is easily observed. The passage of time depends on the laws of physics, but it does not depend on consciousness in any way. Consciousness can only observe and state the existence of time.

  7. About consciousness and reality… Questioner: It was then that I had a terrible suspicion. And I don't think I'm the only oneā€¦ It just suddenly became obvious that in any case, absolutely in any case, we are alienated from the essence of things. And the reason for this is so familiar and frank that we simply do not notice it because of its ordinariness. So, the world “given to us in sensations” is given only in our sensations! And that's literally it! There is no “other side of reality” for us – there is nowhere to break through. And the only reality, that's all it is, is our very sensation!

  8. Time, an abstract product of human consciousness, resulting from the ratio of the paths of movement of material objects in space. Therefore, outside of consciousness(individual or collective), time does not exist

  9. Time cannot exist outside of consciousness, because it exists precisely because of it. Time is the rational mind's way of comparing and matching, of ordering the flow of impressions. In the universe, no time exists. Wherever you are, there is always a “now”. Try to change it…)))

  10. If we imagine that the fastest signal that we can perceive(for example, the speed of signal transmission from the retina of the eye to the brain) can be measured in units of time and there is a camera that can capture more than two different frames of the same process during this period, then time exists outside of consciousness, since there is a period of time during which

  11. Time is one of the most abstract quantities in our physical world-it was invented by man to measure the duration of various processes! And to answer this question, we must first agree and decide what we mean by the word “consciousness”.

    I will not go into it and find out who and what understands by this word!?

    And I will answer the question, stating the course of my thoughts-time can go in different ways and everything will depend on the degree of change in consciousness, that is, it can accelerate or significantly slow down! If a person has no consciousness, then for him there is no such thing as time, because due to the lack of consciousness, he does not perceive it, because there is nothing to be aware of it!!!!

    P.S.:There is such a spiritual teaching as Advaita Vedanta (the doctrine of non-duality), where it is said that there is only Consciousness and it is primary,and it already causes the appearance and manifestation of all physical objects in our world, and the world itself!

    Consciousness has never been born and therefore will never die,that is, it has always been and it is eternal!!!!

  12. reading the lines of people without life experience: enough self-made lies, as if the gods and creators, there is something in you, which of you lives without breathing air, which of you the mother did not give birth to, and those mothers did not give birth to the Earth, you are just children and sometimes ungrateful, is it worth it to expand the question, is it worth it, and which of you did something

  13. Time is only an illusion created by successive alternations of our states of consciousness and it does not exist, but “rests in a dream” where there is no consciousness in which the illusion can arise. The present is just a mathematical line separating the future from the past.

    Nothing on Earth has a true, real duration, for nothing remains unchanged-or the same-for a billionth of a second; and the sensation we get from the evidence of the division of time known as the present comes from the obscurity of fleeting perceptions or series of perceptions of objects transmitted to us by our senses, as these objects pass from the realm of ideal representations, which we call the Future,

  14. Time cannot exist outside of consciousness, because consciousness is the prerogative of a person, and a person is part of the world, and the world flows in time, so consciousness exists in time.

  15. As I understand it, this question arose after hearing that time is the same physical quantity, and it is also subject to the laws of physics, i.e. in places with strong gravity, time goes faster. In fact, this is bullshit(I apologize for this outgrowth, but it most accurately describes this nonsense). How many times do you still need to conduct an experiment where the exact atomic clock on the ISS and the same on Earth at the same time intervals showed the same time?!
    But the question is psychological, so I will assume that time flies too fast for you, and you do not have time to do what you would like, you also understand that life flies by, goes into oblivion, lost time can not be returned, and then-emptiness, No-Th-Go! All this is a relative perception of time, depending on harmons and the speed of data processing by neurons. Most often, it is corrected by playing sports, setting up periods of eating and sleeping.

  16. Time exists only in the mind. Time is a concept that we have adopted to make it easier to navigate the universe. The past exists only in our memories, and the future only in our imagination. In fact, there is only a moment between the past and the future. It is called life)

  17. Of all the understandings that exist for a person, and for him, we should assume the following: Consciousness is precisely outside the boundaries of time. This is confirmed by spiritual practices such as Prophecies! And also conformable to the world. And it is no wonder that the consciousness is so unsatisfied with a person! Something like that. With respect.

  18. A person misunderstands time. It is not linear. Time whirls like a blizzard. It can speed up and slow down the world. We are not yet mature enough to understand time.

  19. I have a theory that there is no time, it is only in perception, and reality has a frame rate, say 1000000000000000 frames per second, where each subsequent frame is a consequence of the previous one, and time is just a reflection in consciousness in a particular frame of the difference between this and the previous frames. There is no time in the frame, but consciousness stores previous frames and their differences, and thus creates time. Theory.

  20. Time stands for “believe me”(merged into one word in the old language), and believe is: follow certainty, or verify(determine) something. Modern language uses this word to denote a whole concept, category, dimension : fidelity, correctness, reality…

  21. Time is as much a created thing as everything that exists. Man, like the entire created world (visible and invisible), has a beginning; and, according to the plan of the Creator, God, is called to strive for It in his development, in unbroken (infinite) perfection, since God is incomprehensible. So, this development is possible only in time, even if it will take an infinite amount. Therefore, a person cannot exist without time.

  22. To begin with, both definitions are ambiguous, which gives rise to many different answers. The so-called abstract (mathematical) time is usually considered an absolute outside of consciousness or an objective characteristic of the world. At the same time, living organisms have a sense of time, for example: https://m.nkj.ru/archive/articles/41511/. It turns out that the ideas about time generated by consciousness come from its sensation (feeling). As a result, we come either to the necessity of searching for the physical equivalent of absolute time, or to the recognition that time is integral to consciousness and is not defined outside of it.

  23. Time doesn't exist at all.

    It's like asking if a meter exists. There is something that can be measured in meters.

    Over time, you can measure the rate at which the length of a meter-long stick changes, for example, if every second it shortens by a millimeter, for example.

    By and large, time is just one of the variables of space, which in turn is one of the manifestations of gravity. Yes, gravity is the cornerstone of all the reality we live in. Everything follows from it. Gravity doesn't just bend space-time, it creates reality itself. And she, too, is a part of reality. It is very difficult to understand further if you are not a brilliant physicist, and even more so to explain.

    And the question of whether reality is real, this is not only to physicists, but also to philosophers probably need to be called. And maybe psychologists and psychotherapists, even in some cases.

    I said it as I understand it, but I don't claim that I didn't get something wrong.

  24. Time is not associated with any particular consciousness, but with irreversible processes. The sun's nuclear fusion drains its vast but limited fuel supply. Every beat of a person's heart brings them closer to aging and death. Without irreversible processes, time would not have such an important meaning.

  25. Unlike solipsists, who know the world empirically, I think that time is an objectively existing quantity, although it, like many physical quantities, is not material. Time existed before the appearance of man on earth, this is well illustrated by geological and biological models. Unfortunately, we can only travel in time speculatively.

  26. Yes and no. On the one hand, the properties of physical processes relate to each other in a certain way. This is an objective fact, independent of the person's consciousness. On the other hand, time, as a reference physical process chosen by a person, is what people relate other processes to. And such a correlation, in isolation from other processes in nature, exists only in the human mind.

  27. Taking into account the lack of good knowledge of physics, I can assume that in relation to the human psyche, that time is realized by consciousness, because human biorhythms are tuned to certain magnetic fluctuations in nature, which also exist due to the passage of time and closely interact between weather changes and the banal quarter of the year. But in relation to the totality of the existence of time itself, yes, it is not recognized by consciousness, because we cannot feel at the biological level the moments before the birth of the organism. The time during your life is realized. Time does not exist in the general concept of all its unknown existence.

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