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  1. In a situation of comfortable, measured, stable life, light uncertainty gives sharpness, drive and interest, decorates and diversifies. This is due to the fact that uncertainty causes excitement, anxiety and throws adrenaline into the blood. In this case, happiness, self-confidence increases. But the uncertainty definitely does not give rest.

    If there is a lot of uncertainty in a person's life, then the situation can turn into sadness. The human psyche does not tolerate uncertainty very well. Instability, uncertainty of the development of events in the country, in work, in personal life also cause anxiety, and this anxiety is summed up, adrenaline is also summed up. The body does not have time to process it and begins to get sick: this is psychosomatic, neurosis, depressive states. To somehow survive in this horror, a person grasps at straws of certainty (what he knows how to do, what he is sure of, for an understandable, even if not very happy relationship…).

    He goes from the mode of peace, happiness, confidence to the mode of survival.

  2. In fact, certainty does not bring the interest of life. It is the unexpected that excites and pleases us. Even negative surprises are stimulating. And certainty eventually leads to boredom and depression. BUT! everyone has their own view of what is happening. Someone just needs certainty

  3. For different people, different uncertainties bear different fruits. – But when you ask a question and expect a meaningful answer, then certainty is better.

  4. How can you think about what you don't know, haven't heard, haven't encountered? No way. This will not bring anything, in view of the absence. If there is something to think about, but the end result is unknown, then this will bring positive or negative concerns. There will be no peace, and no certainty. And happiness is something that has certain aspects and to call happiness something temporary, causing acute emotions, is not understanding the meaning of the word happiness. A homeless person will call a found bottle of alcohol happiness. Is this happiness? In the same way, people's opinions will only be subjective opinions, devoid of objectivity. When there is knowledge, then you can call a spade a spade.

  5. This all brings stress, lack of sleep and lack of confidence in yourself and your abilities. Without stability in life, a person cannot be happy and successful

  6. Only the certainty (or precision, clarity) of uncertainty brings peace, happiness, and confidence, because in the reality of all the manifestations of life, there is not much certainty, even for the most capable and knowledgeable person. And if certainty appears, it is only for a short time, and it is not able to bring stable, unshakable happiness, peace and confidence.

    However, an accurate, clear awareness and complete acceptance of the impossibility of obtaining the certainty that will bring happiness, peace, and confidence is the only certainty that can bring them.

  7. Let's see the definitions:
    Definiteness – the ability to speak very clearly, clearly, without allowing doubts; to achieve concrete results.
    Ambiguity – the tendency to make evasive promises, to speak vaguely, not quite clearly, in a streamlined and non-specific way; the tendency to put others in a suspended, incomprehensible position, to make them “hang in the air”.
    There is always uncertainty in our lives, because none of us can be completely sure of the future and even the consequences of our own actions. As long as a person is confident in himself, such uncertainty does not bother him.
    But if a person becomes dependent on people who like to manage with uncertainty, then the person loses both confidence and peace. It is uncomfortable to stay in such an uncertain state for a long time, and if this state is permanent, it can lead to breakdowns or complete apathy.

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