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  1. My opinion on what it does. Since wealth provides new opportunities for development to achieve new results. Without money, you can't visit new places and meet new people , and you can't experience a lot of emotions without having a financial opportunity. So definitely yes.

  2. I would say that wealth solves some problems, but adds to others. It's like the Nikitins 'song:” Think for yourself, decide for yourself-to have or not to have.” Wealth definitely solves many problems of a person, gives new opportunities and in this sense gives feelings of happiness. R. Sapolsky writes about the research conducted to find out what is more, a gene or an environment, affects the health, intellectual and creative development, success of an individual. The study found that the environment can block the implementation of good genes due to lack of nutrition, poor medical care, harmful living conditions, industrial emissions into the air-all these are signs of poverty. Therefore, yes, wealth can solve these problems and give a successful start, but then everything depends on how a person treats wealth and how he disposes of it. So, as always, it's not about the amount of money or other indicators of wealth (talent is also wealth), but what a person thinks about it and about himself, what kind of relationship he has with it.

  3. Wealth is not a goal, but a tool for achieving the goal. What makes people happy is freedom, peace, joy, comfort, beauty, creativity, discovery, health, and harmonious relationships with other people… If wealth distances you from these things, it makes you more unhappy. If wealth helps you get closer to these things, then it helps you become happier.

  4. If it is received at once and unexpectedly, it does, but only for a few days, maybe for a month. And then the person realizes that nothing in him has changed by itself, he has not become better. And the search for new happiness begins.

  5. If I understand the question correctly, does wealth make people happy ? Of course it does. What is the misfortune of man ? In the inability to get something-health, pleasure, happiness. If a person gets an opportunity,he becomes happy. There is only one “but”- a huge number of people do not realize WHAT THEY REALLY NEED. And they grab everything in a row-just like the others. And this is a dead end. Because of this, there is an opinion that “happiness is not in money.” Not in the money, but in the opportunities that can be obtained for money, if the money is properly distributed.

  6. Everyone has their own happiness, for some it's children, family, and for someone a huge house, travel and expensive clothes that you can buy for money and become happy, but you can't buy a family, and children too…

  7. Material wealth is temporary, but spiritual wealth is eternal. True happiness for a person is harmony with yourself! ………..

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