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  1. In itself, the use of the word “redneck” in its pejorative, contemptuous, abusive meaning (and this obsolete word in the modern language has no other meaning) to address someone else does not make the speaker a redneck. After all, it may turn out that this is a hot-tempered response to the original insult of someone else (like ” Fool! – The fool himself!”), the emotional breakdown of the provoked person – in short, the situation, if not justifying, then at least explaining the action of the speaker so.

    It is another matter if (according to the logic of the question) “redneck is called redneck”, i.e. when “redneck” is not just an offensive name (s) of the opponent, but a definition of him in his essence, when the speaker is convinced that “he calls a spade a spade”, is sure that the opponent is redneck before any definition aloud and even without it. Then the question arises “From what position (being who?) can you define an opponent (opponent, enemy) as a redneck?” Obviously, this is a simple juxtaposition of oneself to another: “He is a redneck, and I am certainly not!” it does not work – positive self-determination cannot be built (based on) only as the opposite of the negative definition of the other, self-determination is self-based.�

    And what kind of definition can a speaker find for himself? (It is clear that to find such a definition is not yet defined in it, here you need not only the word, but also the case) – For example: “I am a worthy (having human dignity) person”, “I am an honest (having honor and ready to defend it) person”, ” I am a man of my word (I keep it and do not throw it to the wind)”, etc. Is it necessary for a person who has decided in this way (I will emphasize once again-who has decided not only nominally, but also really-by deed, deed) to maintain their self-esteem to reduce the opponent, reduce him (mentally and / or verbally) to a “redneck”? No. Such a comparison of the opponent with cattle simultaneously equates you with him in this “redneck” quality. And even scaling relative to some common unit of measurement (“He's a bigger redneck than I am, since he started it first!”) doesn't change the situation.�

    So, more worthy (but also harder!) according to the classic:�

    ..Accept praise and slander with indifference, and do not challenge the fool!�

    Good luck! 🙂

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