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  1. This is not a very good translation, tracing paper from “do things right or do the right things”. I would translate: “Do well or do what needs to be done.”

    The first way is when someone you trust has identified what needs to be done, and you're doing it well. This is best done if the risk of choosing a direction is low, and it remains good to make an already clear set of actions.

    The second way is an independent person, when there is no authority and you need to decide for yourself what to do. This is important if there is a high risk of choosing the wrong approach out of the mass of options, which, in any quality, will lead to the wrong goal.

    Example: you can row very well in the wrong direction, moving away from the goal.

  2. Ideally, of course, it would be to do the right things correctly, but if you want a choice like this, then I would choose to do things correctly( correctly, I understand how qualitatively). Let me explain . The right things, in my understanding, are what society, society, has accepted as such. But they won't necessarily be right for you, either. But to do something qualitatively is another matter, then you put your whole soul into it, you are a professional in this business. Professionals are always appreciated. And the standards of correctness may change. Love the business you're doing, may the force come with you.)

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