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  1. I'm sorry, but I'll still recommend a doctor. Not a psychotherapist, but an endocrinologist. Fatigue, absent-mindedness, and depression can be signs of thyroid disease and a lack of the hormone it produces. Perhaps your problem is solved at least on a physical level easier than it seems. It is worth taking an analysis to exclude this (very, very common!) option.

    If you are firmly convinced that the cause is outside, and not inside, and you need to concentrate right here for a few days blood from the nose, try phenotropil (just please read the entire instructions first to see if you can use it). Temporarily took me out of even a very comatose state, but with diseases of the nervous system, you need to be careful with it, if you already have nerves that are not all right, it can “loosen the boat” even more.

  2. Why not recommend it? Depression is treated with therapy sessions+pills. There are changes in the body at the chemical level, and it is better not to experiment with this, in this case. Especially if you understand that the perception of reality/information has specifically changed. So it may not be far to the loop.

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