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  1. Everything that Germany achieved was achieved in spite of the defeat that was inflicted on Hitler, and not because of it. During the Cold War, both sides reinforced their parts of Germany that were on the front lines, trying to make them “showcases” of their economic systems. This eventually led to the fact that a reunited Germany became the European leader in terms of economy, but Hitler certainly had nothing to do with it.

    But, in fact, formally Germany is not a great power: it does not have nuclear weapons and is not a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

  2. Immediately after the successful completion of Stalin's first five-year plan, the US leadership, or rather the financiers who pressed the USSR with sanctions, came to the conclusion that it was necessary to crush the Union militarily, but with someone else's hands. Germany was ideally suited for this role. After viewing all the promising politicians , they placed a bet on Adolf Schicklgruber-Hitler. Various plans were adopted to remove the burden of contributions from Germany. For example, the Dawes Plan.

    They also financed Hitler's party in cash through Switzerland.

    so the United States nurtured fascist Germany. Nazism was largely copied from the American racism of the time.

    They helped Hitler throughout World War 2. For this, they bought up part of the German enterprises that produced weapons and regularly received their dividends through a special bank throughout the war.And after 1945, they helped Germany recover quickly.

    The merit of the Germans themselves is their hard work and high work culture.

    But now the American Anlo-Saxons themselves have been demolished by globalists – the world government-changing the patriot of the white Anglo-Saxon America of Trump to a not very capable puppet of Biden.

    From now on, the world is ruled by a handful of 2-3 thousand super-rich and the Anglo-Saxons do not dominate there.

    The Israeli president was the first to congratulate Biden. The world's ruling suit has changed.

  3. After the war, Germany was made one of the leading European countries by the German people and their leadership, which was focused on the economic development of the country on the basis of high-tech industries. For obvious reasons, the military component that Hitler was betting on was no longer considered. The new concept is closer to “A Great Germany without a Great War” and “It is better to produce and trade better than to fight better”.

  4. I think that's what Hitler's genius is all about. He was one of the greatest men in the history of mankind. Hitler is like a mirror. What kind of person he is, he sees in the Fuhrer.

    However, it should be understood that the post-war path of Germany to great countries was extremely difficult. Germany has lost the blood territories that have always belonged to it. This is primarily about the territories torn from it in favor of Poland and about Konigsberg. But if Koenigsberg swore allegiance to the Russian Empress Elizabeth I back in 1758, and then after the accession of the Germans to the Russian throne, we actually presented our Koenigsberg again to the Germans, then the present Polish lands were torn away from Germany absolutely illegally.

    From the lands captured by the Poles and Soviets, a flood of refugees poured into Germany. In Germany, they were called “Ostenbeiters”. That is, those who came to Germany to work from the East. not from the GDR, but from the lands captured by the Soviets and Poles.

    The genocide committed on the lands taken from Germany after World War II was astounding in scale! Today, these terrible figures have become public. On the roads of exile, some 2,280,000 Germans died of starvation or were killed in cold blood by the Bolsheviks and their mountain Seyids. Eighty thousand refugees disappeared without a trace. One million survivors were deported to Siberia. These abominations were described in detail by the historian Jacques de Launay in his famous book “The Great Exodus” (La grande debacle).

    Those who are lucky enough to get to Germany…..a sad fate awaited them. They were homeless in a foreign country. Much like today's Armenians, who had to flee to Armenia from Artsakh from the invasion of the Turks.

    These people were used as cheap labor. They worked for nothing. Someone for the food. Someone for bread. For shelter. They were the basis for the economic miracle of Konrad Adenauer, which Vladimir Putin admires so much.

    No, I have nothing against Putin's love for the Germans. I myself love the Germans more than any other people in Western Europe…. but the miracle of Adenauer, which Vladimir Vladimirovich wants to implement in Russia, would not have been possible without the influx of millions of German migrants from the East.

    It is clear that the Russians also have their own resources. millions of White immigrants, descendants of nobility who fled Russia after the 1917 revolution, But, alas, Germany (especially after 1945) is a very small country. It is thousands, tens of thousands of times easier to set it up. than Russia.

    The help of the Ostenbeiters (from which the word Gasterbeiter came), the policy of Adenauer plus the legacy of Hitler – this is the key to the prosperity of today's Germany. At first, the word gasterbeiter didn't have such a negative meaning. So simply called a person who came from the east to work. But he was a man of our White race.

    But Adenauer created a system in Germany dependent on the influx of migrants. When the Turks started coming to Germany instead of the Germans….. this word began to have a negative connotation. This is how we know him today.

    In fact, a gasterbeiter is not exactly a chock or a stranger is a migrant from the east. A word that reminds us of the greatest untried tragedy of the German people. I always cry when I think of her.

    Hitler's reforms (creating a nationally oriented economy, launching new construction projects, manufacturing facilities, creating jobs) all this made Germany great. The secret is that the very economic model of national syndicalism, first tested in Italy by Mussolini, is an ideal economic model for life.

    Many people have tried national syndicalism. In addition to Hitler and Mussolini, Franco, Salazar, Peron. Hitler's mistake was excessive militarization. To a lesser extent, this mistake was made by Mussolini.

    The more peaceful system of Franco and Salazar was closer to the ideal. There is nothing in the world better than national syndicalism. The idea belongs to Mussolini.

    The main advantages of national syndicalism:

    1. National-oriented economy

    2. Closed borders. Officials and businesses do not export capital abroad, as in the Russian Federation.

    3. It is possible for foreigners to invest in the economy, but it is impossible to spread it out, i.e. to rob the country.

    4. Fighting unemployment, creating jobs

    5. Strict state control over the economy. The full responsibility of the national dictator for what is happening in the country.

    6. Strict state control over business.

    7. Building housing for people.

    8. Improving access to education and health services for people

    9. A wider social package for disabled people, pensioners and the poor than in the 20s.

    As a minus, of course, the tax increase.

    But the main disadvantage of the economy of Hitler and Mussolini is, of course, the excessive militarization of the state. If the National syndicalists had not started the war, they would have defeated both the Democrats and the Marxists in the Cold War. starting a war was a mistake, but we only know it now.

    In general, the Second World War showed that the era of solving problems with the help of war is a thing of the past forever.

  5. What do you mean, “did”? Hitler, yes, lost the war, and all his achievements in economic terms, which were really in the pre-war period (there is an opinion that if he had left power in 1938, he would have remained in the memory of the Germans as an outstanding chancellor, albeit with anti-Semitic quirks), were nullified. Germany lay in ruins, and even almost half of the territory went under the protectorate of the USSR.

    So how Hitler “made Germany great” after the war (?!) is absolutely impossible to understand. Post-war Germany was raised from its ruins and “made great and basic” by Konrad Adenauer and the Marshall Plan.

  6. It's the stupidest thing I've ever heard! Germany was a highly developed economic country by the beginning of the WWII, which led to its attempt to redistribute the world's colonial resources in its favor. But by the end of WWII, Germany was in ruins. Only the colossal funds invested by the United States in the German economy as part of the reconstruction of Europe to confront the USSR ensured its renaissance and current flourishing state.

  7. After the Second World War, Britain, on the one hand, ceased to be a superpower, and on the other hand, the United States, which became a new superpower, simply restored the balance in Europe, in which the Britons were opposed by Germany.

    This is a matter of preventing the restoration of Britain's primacy and imperial ambitions.

    The Yankees had nothing to fear across the Atlantic.

    That is, Germany did not “become”, it was “made” an economically powerful country by the United States. (if it was done by itself, it would still be done)

    By the way, Ukraine, let me remind you, was absolutely not the last country in Europe and it was possible to compare it with Germany – it was just that its main buyers were to the east, where due to the applied communist economy, the price order was fundamentally different, and it was not poorer than Germany. Poland, in a sense, too, but Ukraine was like a cancer to the moon.

    Another question is: on what basis did the USSR make Poland, Ukraine, and the Baltic States economically great or advanced countries?

    This is really A QUESTION!!

  8. Complete nonsense. It didn't work out that way. The Marshal's plan to revive the economy and focus on results. If, for example, the appointed government did not reach the target GDP growth indicators, at least for six months, it was immediately dismissed. New people came and everything was repeated, until Germany became the richest country in Europe. Free labor, labor, and labor again, rather than the Fuhrer's mythical stash, made the country the locomotive of the European economy.

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  10. Geo P. are you crazy? What “greater Germany” could there have been under Hitler? Let's turn to history.
    Whatever the Nazi justifiers may say now, the fact remains that the Third Reich created a death conveyor belt and left behind piles of corpses. I don't think you need to explain that these two facts were used to prove the guilt of the Nazis at the Nuremberg Tribunal. And now for the rest of the facts.
    1. Germany was a great power long before Hitler came to power. Yes, after the First World War, the German Empire fell, but still, if the Germans had hypothetically managed to avoid the election of the Fuhrer, then there would have been no colossal human losses, and perhaps a real European democracy would have flourished in Germany.
    2. After coming to power, Hitler established a totalitarian system — Nazism and created a death conveyor-Auschwitz and other concentration camps, in which the Gestapo, cruel experiments and extermination of people (including Russians and Jews) were practiced on the initiative of this scoundrel. Later, these concentration camps were established in the occupied territories.
    3. The Third Reich started World War II, divided Poland and attacked the USSR. By the way, after the end of the war, as a punishment for Nazism, Germany was divided in two — into independent Germany and the pro-Soviet GDR. The GDR was liquidated in 1990 and its lands were returned to the Federal Republic of Germany. But the politicians did this not out of pity for the “sinful Germans”, but because by that time the GDR had become a totalitarian state, where the authorities conducted anti-American propaganda, opened fire to kill on those who tried to escape through the Berlin Wall and forbade East Germans to leave for the United States and Germany (this was especially evident under the scum Honneker).
    This is the kind of “greatness” that Hitler left behind in Germany — the Germans could not have imagined the worst of it.
    Such cases. And you can't say otherwise.

  11. The fascist regime during its existence managed to masterfully rob all the camps of Europe, the USSR, and North Africa. The stolen goods were well hidden, and little by little Gemania used these funds to rebuild the country.

  12. But our people, having won the war, died of hunger. Then, like bread appeared, so they decided that everyone had reached the peak of success, everyone went into stagnation or binge drinking, and then bam and the country fell apart and they started robbing it. And when there was nothing left of the country, they decided to rob pensioners. Winners damn.

  13. Hitler's only merit is that he preserved the unity of Germany and did not allow the Communists to destroy the country, its intelligentsia and bourgeoisie (as happened in the Russian Empire). The rest is a matter of technology – the Germans are not stupid, hardworking people, and they themselves restored the country after the war.

  14. Hitler did not lose the war. According to the results of WW1, Germany was defeated, the country was in decline, and in this wave he came to power and received support, and really pulled the country out quite well. And then there was what was-a well-known story. Looking for the truth in the fact that these paranoid psychos were making history is stupid.

  15. Germany was a great power long before Hitler came to power. If it weren't for the demoniacal Fuhrer who led the country to defeat in the war, then, in my opinion, Germany would now be the world leader and not the United States.

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