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  1. How I understand you! I don't want anything either. At the moment, I am completely satisfied with everything. Family, work, apartment, car. Everything! I found everything to my liking. Maybe you've found everything your soul needs.

    Meanwhile, among my entourage, it is believed that you need to constantly grow above yourself without stopping. I don't just want to grow, I want to start wanting something for later growth, finally. Or take note that I have what I wanted.

    At the cost of effort that I don't want to put in, will I get what I don't need too much? Or something that someone else needs, not me? What for?

  2. There's only one thing you can do in this situation. You need to go to the previous level of the problem. First you need to find a way that will allow you to find what you like. In other words, you need to come up with and fix some sequence of actions that, in theory, can lead to an answer. Here are two simple examples.

    First, you can apply the scientific method. First, we make a hypothesis. For example: “I may be a natural car mechanic.” Next, we conduct an experiment. We try to work as a car mechanic and after some time we get the answer-yes or no. If not, then we make another hypothesis: “perhaps I am a natural hunter-hunter.” Next, we try to do this again and get some kind of answer. And so we repeat until the answer is: “yes, the hypothesis is correct.”

    Secondly, you can use the social method. To do this, you need to pester people with questions whenever possible. Ask them to talk about their work… about what's so interesting about it. If you are lucky, at some point the next story will interest you so much that you will want to try it. And if you're lucky again, the result will be that this is exactly what you need. A nice bonus of this method is that in the process of using it, it can automatically turn out that you are a born journalist or even an inquirer. You manage to ask questions in such a way that people tell you all their secrets.

  3. Search further, don't give up trying. Maybe you don't want to draw at home, but you will be able to draw in your courses because a good teacher or interesting fellow students will influence you.
    And think about a psychologist – such throwing can have deeper roots. Not necessarily something terrible – just a good psychologist helps a person to hear himself, learn to understand himself.

  4. Try to look at your life from a slightly different angle. And ask yourself a few questions.

    -What can you not live without? in a good way. I mean, do you have any hobbies or hobbies that are very addictive?
    -What are you best at doing that you are good at? Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Try to link the answers to these two questions in some way. Maybe this will help you.

  5. You need to understand one thing. You can't find what you like not only in terms of activities, work, etc., but also in terms of banal, everyday things-such as what T-shirt to wear, what dish to eat for breakfast, etc. In short, you have NO FORMED or SUPPRESSED desires.

    Believe me, there is no such thing that a person knows where he wants to work, but does not know what, for example, he likes to eat for breakfast.

    Another important point. understanding and fulfilling your desires is just as much a skill as ignoring and suppressing them. But why you ignore and suppress it is another story, maybe your parents devalued your desires and/or they taught that desires are bad, you need to do only what is useful, important, necessary. The reasons may be different.

    Two recommendations I can give you:

    • Constantly ask yourself- ” Do I like what I'm doing now, and do what I want, starting with the smallest details.”
    • Try, try and try again different kinds of activities and also ask “do I want to do this, do I like everything”
      Also keep in mind that if you can't do all this, or it's hard for you, or you're too lazy, then contact a therapist in case you're depressed.

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