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  1. And I do not bring, well, almost…

    When I have a task hanging in the task manager that I thought up for myself to finish, but is not being finished, or when there is a working task “write a case for a client”, and it has been hanging for too long – first I sound the alarm and understand “why I'm tired”.

    If the task is not very important, then you can let go, do not scold yourself and do something new. For example, I used to consistently run Yandex Zen, but then I realized that I was exhausted, and writing “we should not leave the blog” is too much for me.

    Now I have nothing to say, so I don't lead and don't worry.

    With work tasks or in fact “obligations” — a little more complicated, I promised someone to do something in exchange for some benefits.

    If this is part of work processes, for example, I need to create a report every day and I don't want to, then understand what exactly breaks me in this process and get rid of this case if possible. By automating business processes or delegating, or you can also “dismiss the process”. I once kept such a report for six months, and then I asked “does anyone watch it?” – it turned out that no one was watching, so I was doing extra work that no one needed and annoyed me in addition.

    If this feeling arises from the main work, then you should reconsider your principles, perhaps the article “how to finish things remotely” will help you, here you rather need to change the principles of work.

    1. Synchronize your goals and work goals. If they don't match at all, let them go, quit, and look for a more interesting job. It is better to starve and live without a home than to work at a job that poisons the body and soul. You can read more about syncing in the article “We quickly transfer employees to remote control so that they work like in the office

    2. Ask yourself more often “why am I doing this” and, accordingly, do not do the tasks that are “needed”, but that “I want to and already burns until I do it”. This is where synchronization is needed, if I have an understanding of “why I work” and “why Company X needs me”, you can do a lot of cool things and everyone will be happy. And here is more about “resistance and work to your liking

    In general, the secret is to find a business to your liking.

    1. I don't bring it.
    • And figs with him, so it was not so necessary.
    1. I put myself in a supportive environment that structures my activities.
    • For example, I wouldn't learn different aspects of the profession from week to week, but the training program, with trips, online classes, tasks and assessments, is quite structured for me.
    1. Creating a habit. When a habit is created, you don't need to motivate yourself specifically.
    • For example, answering here is a habit of mine. I would have shot myself or died of laughter if someone had told me four years ago that I would “have to” write answers almost daily on some Internet resource for several years, and even for free.
  2. Breaking it all down into small details doesn't make it even smaller. Call – pick up the phone and make a call. It doesn't work – pick up the phone – dial a number. Make a call!

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