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  1. Nothing. Lenin was not a genius.

    Lenin was a talented publicist and orator, who skillfully used a wide range of techniques: from the ability to argue and discuss on the merits to sophisticated demagogy. Therefore, he was listened to and his opinion was very much taken into account.

    In addition, due to the epileptoid accentuation of the psyche, and even with paranoid features, he was an extremely persistent, consistent and stubborn person who believed in his goals and followed them. In fact, that is why he, who was nobody at all until the age of 47, suddenly became “everything” in a huge country that was bursting at the seams under the weight of military defeats and internal contradictions.�

    Believe in yourself and wait for the moment-this is the recipe for success “in a Leninist way”))

  2. Lenin was a brilliant conjuncturist who thoroughly understood the shortcomings of capitalism and managed to unite the people around him under the simple slogan land for the peasants and factories for the workers. All his opponents turned out to be liberal weaklings who could not simply and correctly tell about the obvious things.
    Lenin said that the power of capital is pure evil. Lenin's disadvantage is that he could not organically build socialism with elements of private property, taking as a basis the utopian idea of universal equality. In short, Lenin caught the wave and was able to discern a unique historical moment when Russia was at a crossroads and it was necessary to seize power, adding practical knowledge about the protruding disadvantages of capitalism.

  3. He made a revolution. And not just a revolution, but one that has never been seen in the world before. Which changed the whole World and possibly forever.

    He saw the essence of things and put them in simple and accessible words. He inspired people and urged them to act on the basis of higher motives, selflessly, even sacrificing their lives.

    Try to convince someone to voluntarily sacrifice everything, including their life, for the sake of a higher goal, without threatening their loved ones. Will it work? And he did.

    It is clear that then there were more reasons for discontent, without objective reasons for the revolution, people do not take to the streets. But still.

  4. In my opinion, the genius of V. I. Lenin can be expressed in one expression-an incredible, phenomenal intuition! This in no way means that I am a Leninist, especially in the “faithful” category, but if we exclude the Bolshevik – Comintern excess in his biography, then his philosophical works put Ilyich on a par with the great thinkers of all times and peoples, and we have no right to neglect this!

  5. Follower of Hegel, Feuerbach (took the best), disciple and successor of Marx and Engels. Simply put – the most sober, healthy and useful view of the world around you. The first experience of building a just society, where basically everyone is a friend, comrade and brother to everyone. About imperialism is not outdated, with the exception of decay – something that lasts for a long time. Mistakes – it was necessary to be more lenient with the opposition, Putin correctly said about the too free form of the state and the unsuccessful beginning of the Second World War (this is already Stalin), which threw our country back 30 years, and most likely even more.

  6. He used the resources of the West to establish a new government in Russia. And I just threw the sponsors. Stalin successfully continued this. And now Putin continues to throw away the morons of the West who helped break up the USSR to Gorbachev.

  7. Taking revenge for my brother. He had a burning hatred for the country in which he was born. Отоб Took away the usual life of millions of people. He was a brilliant dialectician. He pushed various groups of people together and stirred up contradictions where they only smouldered. I used the divide and conquer method. As a result, he blew up old Russia for the sake of maniacal hatred of society, where they hanged his brother and turned away from his family. He had a huge conceit and self-confidence, which is what his characteristics of his colleagues are worth. Stalin, as a faithful disciple, staged a holodomor, killing 2-3 million peasants. For the sake of industrialization and the preservation of communist power.

  8. Let me try it. In principle, when they talk about the genius of V. I. Lenin, they mean one thing. I do not consider V. I. Lenin either a brilliant commander or a brilliant theoretical philosopher. I believe that he is a brilliant applied (socio-political) philosopher and, of course, a brilliant practical leader, and I will explain why (by proving my statements):

    1. Why is V. I. Lenin a brilliant socio-political philosopher?�

    1a. V. I. Lenin revised the original propositions of classical Marxism that the victory of socialism is possible only in developed industrial countries.

    2a. V. I. Lenin proved that a revolutionary party that can take power in a country must be organized according to the principle of strict party discipline, subordinating the finances of each party member to the party's cause (party notes and party maximums).

    3a V. I. Lenin proved why a socialist revolution is possible in a backward agrarian-industrial country by revising K. Marx's position on the monolithic backwardness of the peasantry as a class. In Lenin's analysis, the peasantry is divided into two distinct strata: the well – to – do (kulaks, well-to-do) peasantry, which is essentially bourgeois and opposes socialist transformation, and the poor peasantry (poor, landless, and landless) – the rural proletariat. And since the rural proletariat, together with the workers, formed the majority, the position of V. I. Lenin, proven by practice, arose. Lenin on the alliance of the working class and the peasantry against the landlords and capitalists.

    4a. In the framework of international politics, V. I. Lenin, in his article “Imperialism as the highest stage of capitalism” (1916), described capitalism as having entered the stage of imperialism, the stage of struggle for sales markets. Although Lenin made a mistake and imperialism did not become the highest and last stage of capitalism, he predicted the struggle for markets, the tendency to monopolize capital, and in fact the further struggle of peoples for liberation against colonialism.

    1. Why is V. I. Lenin a brilliant political practitioner and leader?

    2. Because in March 1917 he managed to take a historically correct, but unpopular position on refusing to support the First World War in any form, demanding immediate peace without annexations and indemnities, and rejecting the policy of the Provisional Government. V. I. Lenin understood that Russia would not withstand the military load (and so it happened, the Russian Republic began to fall apart even before October)

    3. Because in the “April Theses” he claimed to nationalize the land and transfer it under the control of the peasants. These theses, which partly copied the agrarian program of the Socialist-Revolutionary Party, aroused the discontent of both the Socialist-Revolutionaries and the Bolsheviks. However, they would later form the basis of the” Land Decree”, splitting the Socialist-Revolutionary Party in two.

    4. Because he did everything possible to keep the workers from the July uprising and in general to feel very acutely the role of the historical moment (“Yesterday it was too early. Tomorrow will be too late.”) during the October Revolution.

    5. Because. that the Soviet government made repeated attempts to reconcile with its political opponents, the socialists, despite their behavior, in order to avoid a civil war, and later the SNK did everything possible to win it.

    6. Because he repeatedly abandoned his position, changed his mind under the pressure of arguments. For example, in 1921 V. I. Lenin recognized the policy of “war communism” as exhausted. At the same time, V. I. Lenin was not afraid to persuade the majority in the party, acting not by violence, but by persuasion.

    7. Because he concluded the Brest Peace (“obscene peace”), while foreseeing the defeat of Germany in the First World War and the annulment of the world (this is what happened).

    All this does not mean that V. I. Lenin did not make any mistakes. But this makes him, one of the active founders of the first socialist state in the world, a brilliant politician.

  9. In impudence and demagoguery.

    This “comrade” brazenly agitated for the defeat of his country in the conditions of war, took money from the enemy for his agitation, committed treachery – a coup d'etat and brought the country to ruin.

    For the sake of his victory, this” comrade ” demagogically promised Russians numerous benefits and deprived them of everything – freedom, property, and dignity.

    He promoted violence and recklessly, without hesitation, shot people.

    Even today we see such “geniuses” who do not care about the country and who amaze the imagination of the feeble-minded with their inexhaustible will to personal power.

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