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  1. I read your comment and here's what I can say. Usually, such reflections, if they are intrusive, indicate a problem.

    How do I understand this? I think you will agree that the moments of cosmic matter you have listed lead to infinity and do not give anything except the very fact of reflection. This means that the content of your thoughts is almost random, and you can also think about everything and nothing, but the fact of obsessive thinking will not disappear.

    And so you feel as if something is on the tip of your tongue, but the train of thought is designed so that the meaning always escapes you-this is what is needed so that you continue to “not know” what is hidden behind the very fact of thinking. Therefore, thinking itself is an obsession, and thoughts can spin any way you want.

    The correct question is what caused such a reaction and what knowledge you are protecting yourself from. This is all very difficult and requires psychotherapy. Or better yet, psychoanalysis.

  2. I think I know what you mean. Of course, these philosophical questions have nothing to do with it, they are masked by some other ones that you don't really want to admit. If these questions are so intrusive, then they are about your real life (money, career, health, love, relationships with your family, etc.).

    How can you even answer the question “What is life?” What answer would satisfy you? If I tell you that life is a poppy seed bun, will you calm down and stop thinking about it? Of course not. Because that'S NOT WHAT you'RE worried ABOUT. The question ” What is being?” keep you up at night. But the question “Why do I still not have a man, when my friends have been married for a long time?” – very much can. I don't believe that you can worry for years because of the question “What are we in this life for?”, but because of the fact that “classmates already have their own companies and above-average incomes, and I'm in debt for a year and get by on casual earnings”, you can still do it.

    I have repeatedly met single religious women who asked questions in the style of ” When will I find my love for God?…”.. Well yes… And people who didn't manage to get rich ask “Why is everything so arranged in this world” (I translate “why is he rich and I'm not”). And people who have some kind of illness may think “How to become a righteous person and be cleansed of sins” (I translate� – ” how to start leading a healthy lifestyle, lose weight, etc.).

    I don't know what your questions are about yet. You know about this yourself (but you are lying, as if you don't want to admit something to yourself). I don't believe you want to know “Who are we?” or ” What is life?”, I believe that you want money, communication, sex, power, health, fame. If you read my answer and got angry, then I guessed right))

    Good luck finding your real needs.

  3. This means that you are still alive.
    Many of us just look alive, move our lips, move our hands, do something, talk, and do not notice that they are not participating in this process. Everything happens out of habit. Memorized ideas, words, and movements are repeated again and again without our participation. And we are… Who are we? Where are we?
    Who among us can answer the question: who is “I”? without looking into the mind and not getting out something heard and invented once before.
    Who can ask themselves this question again and again over the years and always get a fresh answer?
    Only the one who is still alive. Alive as a spiritual being…

  4. Every sane person thought about this, only one dismissed this idea as an annoying fly, and someone began to look for an answer to their question.

    Yes, all people die, but the soul remains. And it continues to live forever. Scientists have now proved that the soul exists. The soul is immortal – this is also kind of clear. Our body is like a garment for the soul, the time has come to die, the soul has thrown off its clothes and gone into eternity.

    I've been thinking about it since I was a kid, too. And it started like this. A biology teacher once told us that when a person dies, at best, relatives will plant a birch tree on the site of his grave and it will feed on organic substances left over from the person. And we can console ourselves with the thought that we can continue our life in beryozka. I remember that then my whole Self strongly opposed this. I couldn't believe it, how is it that the whole world will exist, people will live, birds will sing, and I will not be there? It was a blow to my childish psyche. After some time, I heard from my grandmother such a phrase- “I'm going to die, worms will eat me and that's it.”

    Well, can you imagine? What resistance there was in me. I couldn't believe my life ended there. It can't be, and that's it. Later, missionaries came to us and distributed the Bible. I was a teenager then. With what rapture I read it. Even when I was told that don't read the Old Testament yet, you won't understand anything. Start with the New Testament. I wasn't listening, I was wondering where it all came from, how it all happened, and how it would end. There were a lot of questions at first, a lot of things didn't fit in my head, I got mixed up. I asked tricky questions to believers, trying to convince them of the untruth of the miracles described in the Bible. Or catch them on inconsistencies that I thought I found in the Bible. But the more I studied, the more logical the whole story of being became. Everything went brick-by-brick and became not just clear, but wonderfully logical. At the same time, I found something that I was tormented by a question from my childhood. Where we'll all be when we die. I got a logical answer. The history of mankind is going according to the Divine plan, no matter how people think that they themselves are the arbiters of history. They can only build their own destiny, but no one can change the fate of humanity. I was convinced myself by reading the Bible and finding confirmation of the prophecies described there. Yes, and my soul calmed down. What is happening in the world no longer seems strange, because looking at the world with a different view, you understand perfectly well what it is for and what will happen next.

    The Bible is not just an old book. It is a book written by the prophets, through the Holy Spirit. Why I believe her. Because there is more logic there than in the scientific articles of our scientists (I mean history, biology, and everything that concerns the universe and time). This is a very interesting book, I advise everyone to read it, regardless of their faith.

    And I also want to say that I am absolutely sure of the existence of God, because I felt something on myself that I could not explain myself, then they helped me. It was a touch of God or something like that, I don't even know what to call it. Many people may not believe it, but that's their business.

  5. You know, there are people who are interested in this and those who are interested in completely different everyday things. I was one of the first people to ask myself such questions in my youth. And at the age of 22, I got into a course with an absolutely amazing person who turned my everyday idea of life upside down, taught me how to explore myself, my psyche, in order to get to the bottom of the deep “I”. And it was an amazing experience.

    If I describe it to you, then it will be just words for you, it will not give you anything. Only when you begin to explore, study yourself, look into the depths of your subconscious, practice, read something on this topic, again looking for a response within yourself, then gradually a picture begins to emerge for you.

    And that's the Way to go. Some go this Way, while others just live.

  6. The only thing I understand, I realize, is that there is probably no end, or each end is a new beginning. For example, the body, everything around it, builds up from cells, substances, they are made up of molecules, molecules from an atom, an atom from a nucleus, protons, neutrons, electrons, they in turn also consist of something, and this is something that consists of, etc. Do you understand? After all, there can be no final station to say that this is all, there is definitely nothing further, you know, because even absolute emptiness consists of what. That is, everything is infinite. This means that everything in the world is somehow connected, and at the same time separate from each other. It literally keeps me awake, like there's a riddle and you know for sure that you know (sorry for the tautology) the right answer, you just forgot it and can't remember it, it's like a word that's on your tongue that you know and can't remember. You know what I mean?

  7. It is also very interesting what the void consists of😯I have a couple of thoughts about this, but from the point of view of science, it will seem ridiculous. So it's better to forget about science and fantasize, you never know it will turn out to be true.

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