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  1. If we affirm the correctness of any one position of thinking, we will have to fix the whole world in this position. But since we see that the world continues to move always, we will have a contradiction between the reality of the moving world and the reality of immobile thinking. It's like taking a picture and wondering why the photo doesn't match the reflection in the mirror, but it was taken a minute ago. Therefore, if we talk within the framework of the samsaric reality of mutually conditioned phenomena, everyone is right, under certain conditions. Conditions are the mind's attitude toward the world. Instead of photos in your mind: words, formulas, signs, concepts, abstract images.

    Beyond conceptual thinking, the mind is free from any connection with the phenomena of the conditioned world. The mind can no longer be called either flow or non-flow, neither mobile nor immobile, that is, such a state of mind can only be described apophatically, with the help of negation.

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