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  1. It seems that all the answers except for Sergey Panfilov are from the 20s of the 20th century. The flattened answer is absolutely enchantingly illiterate. For those who believe that orientation can be changed, see the history of social movements and organizations that set out to “cure homosexuality” and what became of these organizations later. In short, they were disbanded, their leaders apologized to the LGBT community for a long time, and many came out afterwards. A person cannot bring himself to want a person of his own sex if he is straight, for some reason this becomes crystal clear to me after the simplest and most obvious thought experiment. And I don't say anything about “psychological disorders” at all.

    Sergey's answer is bad only in one way, and it is bad quite significantly – he calls” inadequate ” people who want to change their orientation. “Inadequacy” is a discriminatory term. If a person begins to passionately want to change their orientation, then they face tremendous pressure, and it makes no sense to additionally brand them “inadequate”, it is harmful and inhumane.

    By topic. Usually, gays and lesbians want to change their orientation when faced with public pressure. If a person is not bisexual, then nothing will work, except that you can strengthen yourself in self-hatred from unsuccessful attempts to force yourself to love and want a person who is different from your true gender preferences. If orientation were subject to change, then mass successful and working methods would have long been known to allow this to happen. But there are no such methods, although they resorted to everything up to electric shock. And all this because any kind of sexual orientation is a variant of the norm, stable and not amenable to change. It is difficult for me to imagine a situation where a heterosexual person who is “disappointed in a relationship “”changes his orientation”. It smacks of absurdity. If a person came up with such an idea, and he is quite OK in his relationship with his gender, then this means that he is bisexual. You can say that this is some kind of word game, but if the orientation changed as plastically as the first answer illiterates us, then, as I said, there would be stable working methods that allow us to do this.

  2. I am gay, and I look at this “feature” exclusively as a mental disorder. And, since this question is quite painful, I couldn't help but search for an answer to it. Since there are still many unpleasant circumstances associated with the yabloko “homo” – the ground for reflection is the most, one might say, fertile. Below I will try to explain why this condition of mine is of a pathological nature.

    I think most homosexuals have something in common-the fear of rejection. This fear is the result of a very deep trauma that is inflicted on the child by the mother in infancy, and perhaps even before birth. The child is simply not desirable for various reasons. Such rejection will necessarily affect the body level ( for example, such women often “lose milk”) and the child perceives this as a life-threatening signal. He, being in a dependent position, was rejected – and this is a terrible shock. There is a “fixation” at this stage of development. A person subsequently builds all relationships in accordance with the following scheme: “I am dependent on my mother's care, she is a source of life force for me, to lose her is equal to death.” A deeply rejected person finds this vital source within the framework of the symbiotic relationship ” masochist (dependent, subordinate) – sadist (power, power)”. As I explored the nature of my sexual drive, I realized that I was playing the role of the first, and the object of my “love” was the personification of a big strong figure.

    As I heal from my trauma, gradually gaining autonomy (and there is still a long way to go), my sexual orientation has begun to shift to the “opposite pole”. So now I'm exactly on the line between “homo” and “hetero”.

    This is how I view my homosexuality – as a disease. I dare not say that this is the only possible option. It probably happens the other way around.

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