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  1. Yes, what a feeling there is…If I wasn't even 5 years old when it dawned on me that I was going to die…And even then, such a finale of many years of work and aspirations seemed to me somehow too idiotic. So I set myself the task of finding a way to stay alive….And not some 120 years, crawling all the way to the same grave with a decrepit and half-dead carcass, but in general! I've been looking for it for almost half a century….And I found it! However, for this I had to learn a lot of things….and mostly things that mortals know they don't know about…with all their cap of the crown of creation…

  2. Life can't go to waste, because everyone will die in the end and you won't get any achievements for a well-lived life. Life is necessary so that you can live it the way you want, there are no right and wrong things, there are those that you like and don't like.

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