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  1. Girls are going to marry someone who earns more money .It is accepted that the local population is always less developed and affluent than the average wave. Males far away are an illusion of perspective and finds . From the point of view of the revolution – self-interest . From the point of view of psychology – to get out of a state of poverty

  2. From the point of view of evolution, this is quite justified. If you do not go into the details of reproduction, then closely related individuals are more likely to have children with mutations. Thus, the search for a partner further away is justified by the fact that the further away this individual is geographically, the less likely it is to be closely related.

    From the point of view of psychology. A woman is looking for a man who is as different as possible from her in terms of survival style (for an easy-going woman, the ideal is to be a bully, etc.). The further away a potential man is from her geographically, the stronger the difference in lifestyle will be, as a result, he will be more attractive. Well, do not forget that some people eat delicacies because they are delicious, and some for the sake of the fact that it is a delicacy (the leg of a unicorn killed on a full moon by a virgin priestess of a cult …).

  3. I understand that psychologically – there are fewer people (acquaintances), fewer advisers and evil tongues. There are fewer people who tell us how they “held the candle”. And if the marriage fails, again, there is less “shame” and discussion. It will be possible to lie – “what a brute he turned out to be” (and herself?) And from the point of view of selection – after all, in a familiar circle, “everyone is such morons and sissies”, and” there ” are solid, who have made themselves macho ! “And he has a great-uncle in Moscow, in the Ministry of Education, think about it!”

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