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  1. Lenin should be buried in Ulyanovsk, renamed back to Simbirsk, and the mausoleum should be left and made a museum of the Soviet period, which will briefly describe everything that the country experienced during this time: the key events of the revolution, the victims of the red terror, the civil war and Stalin's repressions ,the Second World War, the post-war period, the Khrushchev thaw, Brezhnev stagnation, Perestroika, Belovezhskaya Pushcha. Well, to say goodbye to Lenin's mummy, take a picture and hang a photo that he was lying here before such and such a year.

  2. From the point of view of mentality, the idea of mazhvoleyev is not close to us at all. Considering that for most of its history, Russia was a state where religion, namely, Orthodoxy, played an important role, the worship of the mummy does not fit in at all. From the point of view of esoteric symbolism… how does this mausoleum make sense now? Now it is more an exhibition of Soviet socialism in one exhibit, rather than an object of worship and power. Therefore, it makes sense to leave the doll there, and bury the remains of Ilyich. And the monument to the Soviet Union will remain, and it will be humane. However, the question is, is there anything left to bury under the glass?..

  3. For me, the rebirth of the light forces means: the country is strictly governed only by those people whose children and families live on the territory of Russia, who are treated and rest themselves on the territory of Russia, their real estate and savings are completely located on the territory of Russia. What's easier? And the salary of officials is proportional to the welfare of the people of the country.

  4. The fact that Lenin is removed from the mausoleum will not make Russia any better and there will be no revival of light forces in Russia. It is necessary that the people of Russia say that they should remove Lenin's mausoleum, because it all comes from state money, why allocate money for the deceased person, despite the fact that they are still strangers. This money can be spent on other needs, and why one person should stand out so much from others, when you die you will not be put in the mausoleum like Lenin. In short, yes it should.

  5. And what exactly does the author of the question understand by light forces ? Autocracy, when millions of people were starving to death , and a handful of nobles led by the tsar held balls on bones ? Or the Kerensky period, when our country was almost sold to the West ? Well, never mind. From the point of view of esotericism and other mentality, we have an example of a neighboring country. This country has destroyed all the monuments to Lenin. And what happened ? From a normal, stable state, with a developed industry and agriculture, it turned out to be a ruin, completely destroyed, controlled by the fascists, with a fleeing population, a destroyed economy and a civil war. Here you are, please – the result of removing Lenin.

  6. Must not. Burying Lenin is like burning Jan Hus, that is, making a symbol invulnerable to material attack.�

    Now, being in the Mausoleum, he is an illustration of the collapse of his own ideas. Starting with atheistic ones, ending with philosophical and economic ones. Atheist materialists have turned the dead body into an idol, and capitalists also make money from it by selling tickets to foreigners.

    In addition, the personality of Lenin and his role in our history, no matter how anyone denies it, is great, and monuments are left to the great – whether they are heroes, villains or extremely ambiguous personalities. But not for them, but for us. Monuments for the living to remember and not repeat mistakes. The mausoleum is one of them. Let it be better to have one “Ziggurat” than to appear who decided to repeat the path of Lenin, going through his mistakes like a rake.

  7. Bury Lenin. Demolish the mausoleum and put a flower bed in its place. The Kremlin should finally be whitewashed, as was customary before. The Museum of the USSR can be located in a much more interesting place, for example, the first Khrushchev, and the cult of personality in the 21st century is ridiculous.

  8. I think it is high time to stop this farce with the worship of the mummy, which led a great empire to collapse and initiated the death of a great people. Esotericism may play a role here, but the situation is purely humanly absurd. Yes, and from the side it looks somehow savage – people fly into space, and then they beat the dried dead man with bows… here, as in a joke – either take off the cross, or put on your underpants.

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