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  1. Monsieur, it depends solely on the philosopher himself)))
    Or rather, from his views.

    Very non-specific question. Philosophy is a huge branch of science “all about everything”, and in it, how… perhaps, in religion (I mean, in general, faith in God, gods, and so on), there are just a lot of different schools, trends of opinion, and so on.

    Not to mention that morality itself is relative. it is entirely a human invention.

    it doesn't exist in nature. generally. there are no morals and morals in physics or biology, astronomy or the water cycle in nature.

    Therefore. if morality is a purely human invention , then the answer will be different every time.

    if society x in time interval z thinks that human life is more valuable than animal life, then it is more valuable.
    if for the same period of time there is a society j �that does not agree, then someone has more value, and someone does not.
    �and so on ad infinitum.

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