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  1. First and foremost, there are no stages to evolution. All these epochs, eras and periods, and even species, are nothing more than conventions. People like a clear division into categories, but they are poorly applicable to nature.
    From this, by the way, it follows that there was never a “first man”, or a wolf, or a jellyfish. And in this regard, all the cries of people far from biology about “show us transitional forms” cause either laughter or irritation, because any form (with a few technical exceptions) is a transitional one.
    Okay This was mostly a technical digression.
    Answering the same question: animals (including humans) have never had sex, for the sake of reproduction meaningfully. That is why sex is such a complicated and complicated thing with a huge number of subtexts.
    In many animals, imitation of sexual intercourse is a sign of dominance. In many primates, including humans, displaying a penis is a sign of aggression and superiority.
    Why sex is what it is is a topic for a huge lecture, just to give general ideas. And for a large book for everything else. But in short – animals that liked to have sex reproduced better than those who were not interested in the process itself. So the question should be put differently: when did people start having sex for the sake of reproduction, and not for the sake of satisfying an instinct? And this question is much more complicated. I'm not sure that there is any definite answer to this question at all.

  2. From the very beginning. Animals have sex not for the sake of reproduction, but for self-satisfaction. Reproduction is an unavoidable side effect.

    This is how nature deceives many animals, including humans. But she gave him too much sense. Therefore, many people over time have problems not only with reproduction but also with satisfaction.

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