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  1. If you do not have your own wishes, you will have to fulfill someone else's – preferably your parents'. The question itself is basically false, but you still do something – even if you are lying on the couch – and without any inspiration. Therefore, the main thing is to start, try, and the appetite will come during the meal.

  2. No way. Take yourself in hand, connect the will and go ahead. You just have a bad temper. It can be seen that parents developed personality to the detriment of character. Here you are.

  3. It's hard to say, because everyone has their own cockroaches in their head. And only you can understand why you are depressed. You just need to think about why you don't want anything, because it was different before, right? So you need to remember the specific moment when everything went to waste. Understand the reasons and work them out, you can do it yourself, you can do it with a psychiatrist, for example.�

    How to work it out? You need to let go of what is bothering you, remember what you were interested in and plunge into it with your head.�

    If there was nothing interesting, this also happens, for example, a person plays computer toys all his life or works in a mine with money. Then you just need to start looking for what you like. Try something new, do not despair and be sure to find it.

  4. And you don't owe anyone anything.

    There is no desire to study and work – no problems, do not study and do not work. Someone else will be happy to take your place in the sun.

  5. You can spend a lot of time on introspection, torment yourself and others with questions “how to fix it”. Or you can just go and do what you love.

    It sounds weird, but it works. The more you focus on the pain, the more it hurts. So the best way is to do something incredible. Go to a neighboring city, find a new circle of activities, a new partner in sex (why not, if in a free relationship). And there, over time, you will learn to do this all the time.

  6. well, probably know that if you don't study and work, you won't be able to provide for yourself and will have to become hungry and homeless. as for me, this is the best motivation.

  7. how exactly can I answer this question? after all, this is a sense of self. I have the same condition now. but I have an age. I read the feed, I DON't watch TV, I surf websites – there is nothing worthy to think about it, to fill my existence with it. Everything was already there, everything was tired, and even the memory of the famous character Rybakov only causes a condescending smile. All-пыль dust. I look at the bookshelves, I look at my film library – what was good is known by heart, what is new is nonsense. (compared to what was already there). sadness. no motivation. I start poking around in my recent life, sorting out acquaintances and events, because something happened? what brought joy and a sense of need ? Yes, it was. here are more and more book readings. I recently went to visit my granddaughters, and they were very happy… and it seems that's all. is this motivation? God knows. but once they read it, it means they are waiting for a new one. you need to write. and in the granddaughters ' bright moment, it will probably be necessary to repeat, because we ourselves create bright spots on the ribbon of life… I guess it's worth it? and everyone had something bright. but it doesn't disappear, it spreads. maybe you need more and more? you need to give someone something bright. and for this (I apologize for the prose) you need money, not just feelings. and if you were unlucky, and there was nothing bright in life… everyone decides for themselves whether all this is for nothing, and whether it is worth it…

  8. Do you have a purpose in life? If not, then set it up urgently, and everything you do will be in the name of achieving this goal! Just make it clear to yourself that you need to study and work for the sake of something that you strive for. It is the goal that will motivate you. If it still doesn't help, visualize it. Let's say you want to live in your own home. Print out a photo of the house you like, attach it to the bathroom mirror and every morning you will look at it and understand that you are doing everything for this. When you achieve your goal, set a new and higher one! So we live )

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