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  1. It is simply difficult to establish contact with such a person. Besides, it's not enough to have a sense of humor. You need to be on the same page with a girl. I know a guy who is sooo positive, interesting, and smart. But we have a different sense of humor. Well, we don't understand each other's jokes! And it's stressful.

  2. Well, for starters, a sense of humor is deeply subjective. In the end, what is considered funny, everyone chooses for themselves, due to their values, upbringing and sphere of communication, or something (I try very hard to avoid the phrase “level of culture”, because it can be misunderstood). What is funny for one person, another may find incomprehensible, stupid, or even offensive. So here it is more important to be, as they say, in the same discourse (well, or “on the same wave”).

    And as for my personal opinion, a sense of humor is great. It is easier to communicate with such a person, especially when you first meet them, and there is less stiffness. But in principle, this is not the main thing in a person. All other things being equal, I'd rather talk to an honest and decent person without a sense of humor than a funny and humorous, sorry, asshole.

  3. So any person without a sense of humor is unattractive. And it doesn't matter – a girl, a guy, an uncle, an aunt… It's like some kind of physical defect – a burn scar or no fingers on your hand. This is unpleasant when making eye contact or shaking hands. The same thing happens with verbal contact-until the person “took out of his pocket” his defect-it seems to be nothing. And as soon as the jokes started-everything, put out the light.

    The only thing that can save you in this situation is to compensate for the defect with something else. For example, a person with a scar may be stylishly dressed, which attracts and compensates for the unattractiveness of the face.�

    In addition, a strong compensation is the absence of complexes about one's own defect. If the owner of the defect does not strain himself about this, then others also quickly stop straining.

    And of course love-it makes up for everything. But it still needs to be earned.

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