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  1. I wake up in the morning to do something I haven't done before. To learn something new, connect with new people, discover a new emotion, taste, smell, sound, or view. I get up to be a little bit better than I was yesterday.

    Hal Elrod's wonderful morning technique really helped me. With her help, I now became more open to life and learned to understand what I want from life, and not what society wants from me.

    Good luck, author!

  2. Keselya and Kharchenko pairs at the Polytech. I wake up every morning thinking about them. 140 characters, 140 characters, 140 characters, 140 characters, 140 characters,

  3. somewhere in Nietzsche there is that man is a rope between the animal and the superman. What is valuable about a person is that he is a bridge, not a goal. In other words, the meaning you are looking for is in moving towards perfection. Only in this case does life have meaning and purpose..
    And by the way, ” the second thing is that you can walk this tightrope in the opposite direction ,that is, not to perfection, but to degradation ,to an animal state, so everything should encourage a person to look for a way up. A person is focused on the future.

    I'm not a fan of Nietzsche's talent – I quoted him, ´┐Żbecause you have philosophy in the question tags. In general, I believe that ” Nietzsche plagiarized this idea from Christ ( as you know, he respected Christ and revered His instructions.). Especially since he was born into the family of a church minister and all that..Most likely, Nietzsche transformed all Christian ideas into his own godless philosophy. “Now, Christ taught that a person's life is nothing in itself, but only valuable as a path to salvation, sanctification, perfection – this is what gives it a deep meaning.

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