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  1. Hello! Unfortunately, there is no single collection that can be used to fully prepare for the Unified State Exam in biology. It is important to use several publications at once. School textbooks should be the basis for independent training. And the reference point is a collection of options from the chairman of the Rokhlov exam board “30 options”.

    I always recommend that my students use electronic resources in addition to printed publications. Here are my favorites:

    1. https://www.youtube.com/user/PEgambarian

    2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzasq1MdRZk&t=4s

    3. https://studarium.ru/

  2. Personally, I can recommend two parts of Chebyshev's textbook and if on genetics, there is a textbook called, like,”complex genetic problems”.
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  3. There is an excellent reference book-simulator called “Biology reference book for schoolchildren and university applicants”. It costs about 500 rubles in Moscow, but the money is worth it, I assure you.

  4. 1) Taylor and Stout (imho, the best three-volume book that is suitable not only for preparing for the Unified State Exam, but also for the Olympiad)

    2) Chebyshev

    3) Teremov and Petrosova (textbooks for advanced study of biology in grades 10 and 11)

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