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  1. The same attitude goes back to the Middle Ages, more precisely from aristocratic families. The girl's virginity meant that there would be no extra heirs – bastards who could claim the throne at any time. Therefore, the girl was given the role of a “trophy”, which “noble” princes should earn, most often-by connections and political power.�

    Well, in our time, this has turned into a stereotype that girls are a trophy of men, and women should keep themselves until they are “won” by another Prynts.

  2. First, the cultural factor. The stereotype that innocence is a value for a girl and a problem for a guy still dominates society in one form or another. For a guy, a virgin is a trophy, and for a girl, a virgin is a loser.�

    Have you ever watched teen comedies? This difference is usually quite clearly demonstrated there.

    Second, experience. There are girls who consider themselves predators and try to play a man's game with trophy virgins. But if it is sex that interests you in sex, and not the ritual aspects around it, then virgins, as a rule, simply have nothing to be interested in.�

    Men, as I understand it, don't have a very good reputation as lovers on average, and sex with a virgin is even more likely to be awkward and even less likely to be satisfied.

    Well, about the male focus on someone's defloration, I'll add: in theory, this should take place as you gain experience. That is, the value of each subsequent “victory” should fall in comparison with the quality of the process itself.�

    If the “predatory stage” of a man is prolonged, this indicates either his insecurity/lack of interest in him among older partners, or psychological difficulties are already hidden behind this — for example, the fear of relationships among younger/middle-aged guys, or a whole bunch of problems manifested in the fear of their own age in older men.

  3. For girls, experience is more important, because guys decide more in bed than they do. And virgins may not know how to do this or that correctly, worry a lot.

    While guys are better than virgins, because inexperienced girls notice fewer errors in his work and it is easier to seduce them during the process itself.

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