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  1. I have a personal suspicion that everyone is bisexual, at least semiotically, inside their psyche, maybe even apart from their actual sexual desires. Moreover, many people who are deeply involved in psychotherapy and rethinking the sexual sphere have had a fantasy experience with themselves or with their gender. And this is completely unrelated to a specific gender. I don't see any connection with lesbian porn. Now, if we were talking about gay, then it would be possible to draw parallels)

  2. Unfortunately, I still don't understand your train of thought.�

    What are the reasons to “suspect” the bisexuality of guys who watch naked girls? ) Watching gay porn can probably serve as a reason, but a lesbian? .. �

    As for the content of the problem, I have already said many times: sexuality is polymorphic, and all so-called “orientations”are neurosis. A mentally healthy person chooses the form of sexual satisfaction that is closer to him-provided that it does not violate the freedom of others, and he does not poke others in the eyes with this form )

  3. I think you need to pay attention to how people build it into their fantasies . If a guy watches lesbian porn and imagines himself as a participant in this picture, then this says more about his heterosexuality. Plus, there is a stereotype among men that two girls are very sexy and in principle does not correlate with belonging to the LGBT community.

    Latent homosexuality or bisexuality is more likely to occur if a man's fantasies involve threesomes and a third male participant (even if he does not interact with this man ), as well as if he willingly agrees to such experiments or mainly watches such porn . The main thing is that he wants to see a person of his own sex next to him and unconsciously (without even knowing ) get aroused( just because he sees a naked man nearby). Often it can be justified that we are friends and here at a party we slept with one girl together , here we are such friends, bros and often do this , we are best friends.

    And do not forget that homoeroticism and homosexuality are not always connected . Sometimes a person may have contacts with men at a certain age for a number of reasons , but then they will build a normal heterosexual relationship( these are manifestations of homoeroticism and a person cannot be considered bisexual or homosexual ).

    And in conclusion, I will say that latency is more often manifested in reactive formations( hypertrophied, excessive reaction to a subconscious ban. It is expressed in a deliberately vivid manifestation of the opposite feeling.)

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