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  1. I will immediately reassure you, if you are experiencing a fear of hallucinations, then they are unlikely to occur (except after taking psychotropic drugs). But you already have a phobia and you need to see a competent psychiatrist.

  2. Hallucinations? It depends on the reason they occur. If you are talking about those that come under the influence of drugs, then there is nothing to be afraid of, the main thing is always to catch yourself thinking that it is from drugs and sooner or later they will pass. Before using substances, stock up on positive emotions and choose a morally convenient company of accomplices in this case. The main thing is not to wind yourself up on household chores and not to pick up piercing and cutting objects.

    Relax and you will be happy)

  3. I have two answers for you – a trivial one and a more interesting one.

    You will follow a trivial path-read books, do interesting things that occupy all your attention-computer games, movies and TV shows.

    If you follow a more interesting path, I recommend learning how to drink Chinese tea. First, the very ceremoniality of brewing it takes up thoughts and calms you down. Secondly, its effects are expressed, among other things, in the fact that it calms, evens the emotional state, puts thoughts and soul in order. I don't know what city you are from, but in most cities today there are shops that sell this tea and dishes for it. Buy an initial set of dishes (this is not expensive), I recommend Gaba Oolong tea for a start – it is delicious and it gives just the effects that I mentioned. You can learn more about how to drink tea correctly from Sergey Shevelev's videos: http://www.youtube.com

    Proper tea is a great way to even out your condition. I say this from my own experience. If you are interested in this topic, please get in touch and I can tell you more about it.

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