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  1. Just a couple of months ago, a colleague and I had a discussion about whether any war is primarily a consequence of human stupidity, or whether it is a consequence of the high development of the human mind. I was in the first position, my colleague in the second. Given the point I'm making, it's obvious that the sheer stupidity of most people was no longer news to me. And although it was obvious to me that my colleague's mind was far from shining in his “slightly over 35 years”, but still I took up the discussion, and my goal was not to defend my position, but to try to understand the opponent's position and the reasons from which his point of view comes.

    However, in the course of the conversation, it turned out that my opponent not only has no justification for his position, but also has no understanding that every word should have at least some meaning. Moreover, my interlocutor perceived the questions I asked not as an attempt to understand his position more thoroughly, but as my stupidity, in other words-I ask, I don't know, if I knew, I wouldn't ask. Literally, it sounded like this:”I hate such stupid people as you, you don't understand anything at all and ask some nonsense that is obvious to everyone, you must have at least some elementary logic.” Since logic was completely absent from the other person's statements, I decided to find out what logic is, because it is obvious that we mean something completely different by this word. To which the other person replied: “I served there and there, I worked in such and such companies, and in general, I am “slightly over 35″ years old, and you ask me, what is logic? Are you crazy? And if I take you right now and ask you what logic is?”

    After I said that I can explain what logic is in the conventional sense, the interlocutor has no doubt that I pose some kind of metaphysical threat to him, although in physical terms this opponent of mine probably occupies twice as much space in space as I do, and quite clearly understands that I can not pose any physical threat to him. Then the other person began to tell me metaphorical stories (oh, my God, does he know metaphors?!), in order to make me understand that people like me, he would be very happy to burn at the stake, shoot or put on a stake.

    I explained to the other person that I didn't pose a threat to them, that I didn't have a negative attitude towards them, and that I was just trying to understand their point of view, so I asked them questions. Of course, I did this not for my enraged and red-faced interlocutor, who was overwhelmed with anger, but in order for the colleagues around us to understand the essence of what was happening. In general, everything ended with the fact that the working day came to an end, and we went home, politely saying goodbye to each other. The next day, my opponent was naturally ashamed of his aggression and desire to kill me without any reasonable reason, but he did not apologize (and I did not need these apologies, because I do not take insults coming from the mouth of a talking monkey for something really important).

    In general, this story shows that even if we are fully aware of the stupidity of the average person in theory and practice, we can sometimes be surprised by its degree. It should be said that we can be absolutely sure that any degree of stupidity that we attribute to most people is never really able to fully reflect the essence of the matter, and the people we meet on a daily basis are much more stupid than we can imagine. And this point, which for me, it would seem, was obvious before, became so obvious after this discussion that my mind literally turned upside down from the thought that there is no way to talk to most people, because they do not have the ability to understand at least something.

  2. Yes, a miracle happened in my life-a meeting with a person who is a “yogi who has come to know” life. I was in my forties and he was in his seventies. When I was at the age when a person takes some stock of their life, I thought: “What was my life full of suffering for? Happiness-to love and sing, which was dreamed of in my youth, did not come true: my husband, with whom I lived for 20 years, turned out to be a complete stranger in spirit. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't find any common ground between our minds. So I understood: you can not give a person what he can not take, because “does not want”. But I had two daughters, whom I loved very much and made every effort to make them grow up to be decent people. Life seemed over, it was not interesting to live. The difficult 90s began. I decided to get a garden, for this purpose it was necessary to meet with a person who will give permission to get a plot of land for a garden. So our meeting took place – the Teacher saw his student. I would never have been able to “see” this person if he had not “seen” me (the lower consciousness cannot see the higher). “Speak,” said the sage, ” so that I may see you!”

    Very quickly, we became kindred spirits. But when he began to show me the “extraordinary possibilities” of the human spirit, I found myself “unsettled by everyday life.” He took my left hand above the wrist with extraordinary tenderness and spoke with his senses: the whole gamut of the subtlest feelings is tenderness. sadness, longing, and those that cannot be expressed in words flowed from one person to another. All he had to do was close his fingers, and I felt an unearthly state of happiness when I was in his arms. The sexual orgasm, which is revered by people as the pinnacle of pleasure possible in life, turned out to be only a pathetic parody of that unearthly, highest state of mind. Amazed and delighted, I threw my arms around wonder man's neck, exclaiming: “I'm happy! You're more gentle than any woman. All the men put together are not worth you alone!!!…”

    My entire materialistic worldview collapsed. I began to search for an explanation of the phenomenon of this person, believing that it was written about in some spiritual literature. Passing by the Soyuzpechat kiosk one day, my eyes fell on the pamphlet “Fundamentals of Buddhism”(E. I. Roerich). I bought it and after reading it, I found an exhaustive answer to my question. Yes, he is the “Buddha”, the perfect man, the awakener of consciousness. Buddhism is not a religion, but real materialistic stages of human development. It is not for nothing that the Buddha is considered the person who gave the world the complete “Teaching of Communism”! I bought another copy of the book and gave it to wonder man, a Communist who participated in the Second World War. I realized that my entire life was just a prerequisite for being born to another “spiritual life”, in which material values go to the background, because nothing can be more interesting and exciting than knowing the spiritual life through yourself.

    As we stood leaning heart to heart, I felt very clearly how our two halves of the spirit were connecting into one spirit and clearly saw the truth: we are two halves of the same whole, who have ended their journey through space and time to connect forever! In Buddhism, this state is described as: “A condition that is difficult to achieve by sages, how can a woman with her limited mind achieve it?” – “When the heart is completely calm, when the consciousness opens up and when you see the truth. But if anyone thinks I'm a woman, or I'm a man, or I'm one, or I'm the other, let Mara do it.” (Samyutta Nikaya, vol. 1, p. 129)

    “The gate of immortality is open to all beings. If anyone has ears, let him come, hear the teaching, and believe.” (Majhima Nikaya, vol. 1, p. 170).

    What has come down from the ancient lyres is the Truth,

    The Pinnacle of Knowledge:

    “Know yourself and you will know the world!”

    Knowing myself, I realized that I was not there –

    There is only “You” – the Creation of the Universe!

    “I” dissolves into “You” —

    And fly to the dream!


    On the edge of faith and disbelief,

    More hate than love,

    I have an epiphany,

    And an epiphany follows!


    You were lonely,

    And you've suffered a lot,

    But you didn't give up,

    You built, you dared.

    Truths light

    Your path lit up,

    Did you see the auras

    And I read your thoughts.

    Did you run experiments

    And I was looking for happiness.

    In the flow of people

    You saw me.

    You knew what you'd find,

    And he found me.

    I studied for a long time,

    I grew up hard,

    And your earthly cross

    I was carrying it with me.

    Through the wilderness of ignorance,

    Shadows of Krush,

    Excruciatingly painful

    The soul matures.

    Suffering is the way

    I got through to the end,

    All the bitterness of the cup

    I drank it all down.

    And I know now,

    I'm free, not free,

    And even if we're not together,

    One is not alone.

    And I know now:

    What with all my heart loving,

    By revealing yourself,

    I'll open you up!


    So close and so far away

    A mysterious, black-eyed friend,

    Your beauty is not visible to everyone,

    And I'm the only one who knows about it.

    You live for people, you carry the light of love,

    You give them all the warmth of your soul.

    The miracle of your hands is not for the two of us,

    The miracle of your words heals the heart in an instant.

    Only you know how to please everyone,

    How to comprehend the good in order to live more intelligently.

    Day-day the human stream pours down,

    Taking everything: time, sleep, peace.

    And the human flow gives the heart a current,

    So that you can continue to live and create.

    And everything revolves around you,

    Life is coming back with energy,

    Wonderful life meaning opens up,

    This is called wisdom!


    There is everything in the world

    I don't deny it,

    I don't believe in miracles

    I know a miracle!

    You're still human,

    You didn't come down from heaven,

    You have opened a trail to eternity,

    You are the miracle of miracles!

    Are you a genius or a demigod?

    You are a “knower – Yogi” person.

    Artist, scientist, doctor, businessman,

    You are perfect in everything – you are the creator!

    You've penetrated my subconscious

    And the course of secret thoughts comprehended,

    And you open me up,

    Me, who didn't know myself.

    For what you are in the world,

    It's an honor to get to know you,

    And before your name

    I will bow my knees!

    Such is the righteous human life on Earth. a person who fulfills his natural (divine) purpose leads him to the heights of knowledge of the spirit, that is, to the boundless expanses of the cosmos.

  3. No. I don't deify a person. I have been analyzing and drawing my own conclusions for a long time. I respect the opinions of the author, I take something into service, I don't let something into my brain, so as not to clog myself with information that I don't understand. I like to listen to good music, I consider composers to be talented people, I don't envy them, but I am glad that there are such people on Earth.

  4. I go to the subway, lessons are over, I'm tired, and I see a homeless man sitting in the transition and begging for alms, well, I gave him a couple of coins and he let's say what a handsome guy I am and like give me more, well, I gave 50 kopecks he was offended and said that he was so young as I was, and then he got drunk. Then I thought that I should avoid his fate and get drunk without becoming a homeless person.

  5. One day I was walking down a dark alley, and I saw a man in adidas. I was scared, because the alley was notorious for being a place full of drug addicts. When I got closer, I saw that it was a Tajik coming home from work and I didn't notice how relieved I was. I began to think that the reputation of the place, the clothes of the passer-by, the nationality and profession made me react unconsciously, and I was afraid of how easily these stereotypes control me. Since then, I have become very careful in my actions and conclusions.

  6. When I was 15, I came across a guy in a public VK who wrote about the United States, and what ways you can get there. So I talked to him on this topic, and so it went-went. He is a mathematician, physicist, programmer, sambo wrestler. He was well versed in history, finance, and politics. During his high school years, he was a medalist at the IPhO (International Physics Olympiad), and many a bunch of prestigious Olympiads. I dropped out of university because it took up a lot of time for self-education. Before I met him, I thought I was smart enough for my age, and I thought I was thinking outside the box. And of course, like all teenagers who think they're “different” – I was an atheist. After talking to him about religion, I realized that God is much more significant than just a fictional fairy tale that was invented to control the herd. After communicating with him, I began to look at things from a different perspective. I used to think that people should be tolerant of everything, especially gays. After communicating with him, I realized that tolerance is a parasite for society. Thanks to him, I gathered my thoughts and began to engage in self-development. He helped me learn programming. I became a mentor, so to speak. If it wasn't for him, I might still be sitting on my computer day and night playing CS:GO.

  7. My brain was “turned on” by a teacher in the first year of the institute.The subject was called Computer Science, in which we were engaged in programming.But that's not the point.The main thing is that it was this person who gave me motivation,explained why I came to the university,and most importantly-taught me to think in a structured way. Well, his quotes are simply priceless.
    Thank you, Oleg Grigoryevich Arkhipov!!!

  8. When I was 13, I watched a video of Dawkins reading love letters. Believers were a laughing stock to him. He was so cool with insults, it seemed incredible to me. And I realized that I was a herd. I revised my views on faith and education, stopped playing games like CS 1.6 with cerebral palsy, and mixed the pleasant and incomprehensible (gta sa game and Lua programming).

  9. There were people who influenced my views on life, to one degree or another, but the Contact with the Creator turned everything upside down! when was life divided into before and after? it is not possible to explain and it is not possible to understand! This must be experienced! And I understand that no one will believe this. I wouldn't have believed it myself, but it happened, and there's no way to change it, and that's what It warned me about. It's been 2, 5 years and there isn't a single person who has asked me yet: “What kind of God is He? And if He's Superintelligent, how do you communicate with him? And most importantly, who or what does He consider himself-spirit, or flesh? Matter or beyond? And when It answers my questions, I just go crazy, because It never lies, and we always lie! So now you will lie that this can not be! You will lie until the program is changed for you! and no one but the Creator can do this! You are human beings, so when I throw away my hooves, you will then lie about my contact with God, something that will benefit you! I forgive you, lie on until you discover it! Please don't show off in your comments, I'm the Creator's creation, and you jumped off a tree? We don't understand each other! Good luck to all!

  10. I had a case where I was really sick and had one foot in the grave, I met a girl. She was married to her husband, but I wanted to live for her so much, so we ended up having two kids and she got divorced. Yes and I recovered

  11. During the period of personality crisis, the good and evil selves argued: if I can make friends with one person and they don't disappoint me, then people are not so bad, and the good self is right, if this person is as bad as many others before him – the victory of the evil self, introversion, external passive aggression towards people. Now I am a closed, gloomy, passive-aggressive introvert. And all because that person couldn't just say “I'm your friend” and help morally at the moment when it was necessary.

  12. Yes, even a few, and I'm sure there will be more.

    At the age of 17, I met a man on the Internet who studied at the “anti-terror” course, and was trained accordingly by both specialists and ordinary civilians. Only the very unconventional thinkers get to the place where he studied, and, as you can see, this is both a plus and a minus. He taught me a lot of techniques on how to be really successful in many situations, how not to succumb to manipulation, and so on. He taught me all this for free, because he said he believed in me. We stopped communicating with him because he had a psychosis caused by some tests that took place in the place where he studied, and it was no longer possible to either lock up or listen to him.

    At the age of 26, my outlook on (Russian) women was influenced by my ex-girlfriend. Yes, I am one of those who have a very high, but still taken the bar of requirements for girls. She helped me not to live in fictional models of attitudes towards women, not to dream about the perfect one, not to give up on a person after talking to him/her for just a couple of hours and give a chance to others, because you never know when you will need that very chance yourself.

    At the age of 23, a priest and a psychiatrist tried to bring me out of a prolonged depression. As a result, the psychiatrist went to drastic measures, taking on a rather large risk, and thanks to him, I literally learned to live in harmony at least sometimes.

    At the age of 6, my great-grandfather, a participant in the Second World War, said a phrase that makes me not be bad when I have the strength. The phrase was “at any time, the most important thing for a person is to remain a person.”

    In principle, I have met such people a lot and I am grateful to them for all that they have done for me. They really changed my mind and my life for the better.

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