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  1. Yes, when repeated situations in life that do not fit into the statistics, and in different areas, I began to seriously think why? After 10 years, I came to bioenergetics, while it gives the best answers.

  2. When I was young, I was stupid. He wrote reports about hockey matches and for the sake of a good word could screw up anything. Twice “everything” coincided and coincided.. not good. The first time the puck hit an opponent's goalie in the head, he wrote “player X almost shot goalie Y in the head”. A little later, goalkeeper Y was shot in the entrance, and player X much later fell from the balcony and crashed. The second time I wrote about player Z: they say that anything can happen, leaders also break their legs… In the same season, Player Z broke his leg in the crucial part of the season and was unable to help the team. I'm not superstitious and generally a realist, but here it was.

  3. Sleep paralysis at the age of 13, after watching “Constantine”. Cases when predicted that: 1. Now we will reach that pillar and the phone will ring, there will be (name). It was this name that rang, and exactly when they reached the post. 2. Mom turn on the radio, it will play the same song at the same moment as me (the alarm was ringing). The same song was played with a difference of 1-2 seconds. My mother went into the other room without a word.

    We were standing on the porch with the guys, smoking. The conversation turned to Wang. Hee-hee, ha-ha… Then it comes over me and I say, ” When it's 13: 27 (for example, I don't remember), our boss will come around the corner.” They're like, ” If this happens, you're Wang, hee-hee, ha-ha.” We are standing, smoking, drinking coffee, the boss suddenly comes out, I remember their words, take out my phone, look at the time there 13:27. I show them. One started shouting and laughing loudly (yes laaaadnooo, kaak!), the second claimed that I knew the boss was telling me he was coming (no).

    Such… Coincidences. Very tormenting in life. Pride covers if I say to myself that these were discrepancies, but something else.

  4. I've only guessed once in my life, foolishly calling the queen of spades with the girls. And we did it quite successfully then – all the signs of the presence of the spirit in our world were present, so that later the three of us would run out into the street, shouting, and reciting the Lord's Prayer to ourselves.
    In the morning, we found out that at six o'clock in the evening, exactly at the time when we called the queen of spades, a guy from our school jumped out of the window.�
    Such a coincidence. I try not to guess anymore.

  5. I was 9 years old, summer, sea, Feodosia. I had an icon of Saint Daria on a chain around my neck. I was splashing near the shore, diving, accidentally touched the chain with my hand and it broke, I saw (I was wearing swimming glasses) as the chain with the image of Daria like a snake smoothly descends to the sandy bottom, I tried to catch it, but it didn't work out. Tears, snot.

    I call my dad for help, dad dives and pulls out a handful of sand, we find a chain in the sand, but there is no image, we searched as much as possible all the bottom in the area where I swam, we found nothing. A couple of hours later, we returned from the beach to the hotel and…we found an icon on the carpet.

    It's been almost 10 years, and I'm not sure how to explain it rationally. I definitely did not think so, I always wore the icon, did not take it off.�

    At such moments, you realize that there are no atheists in the trenches under fire.

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