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  1. This is exactly the question I was thinking about when I came across this site yesterday.

    For many years I realized that I was not living my own life, but I was running away from the truth. And the best teacher is pain. Pain is not truth, it is not knowledge, you cannot escape it, it is always with you. In addition to the growing dissatisfaction with myself, my legs began to take away. X-ray, mri, physio, massages, chiropractors. Nifiga. On the last money I went to a psychologist.�

    Well, you get it)�

    And with my legs it became much better, although much later one aunt named an accurate, appropriate diagnosis)�

    And with the head, and with others. Literally everything has become different, thanks to a different outlook on life. Which of course I'm happy about.

  2. I think that many people change their lives dramatically, but fewer will answer this question, because the reason is probably a deep disappointment in themselves, and this is personal.�

    I changed my life by moving to another city as far away from home as possible. At that time, at the age of 18, it seemed like a good way out of the situation, but now I think about it and it's scary and funny. At that time, I didn't like everything. That is, after graduating from school, I went to study absolutely not where I would like, it was terribly uncomfortable and in a group ( I'm not really a social person) and I was not interested in science at all. Besides, I didn't know what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be. My friends did not share my interests, as it seemed to me, they remained at the same level that I had already crossed. And I hated myself for being the one responsible for all the problems. In the family, everything was fine, and since I was considered an adult, in principle, I remained by myself. And one sunny day, sitting on a bench in front of a couple, I burst into tears, winding snot on my fist, went to the dean's office and took the documents, in the evening I told my parents that “in half a year I will move”, so I moved from Kharkiv to Lviv, where I had two pen pals. Now I live here and study. There were many, very many problems in terms of adapting to a completely foreign city, the difficulties of living and surviving without a family, suddenly a different culture, different people. But if moving doesn't change you dramatically, then a lot of experience, pain, and fear do. Now I'm glad that I had the courage to take such a slightly psychotic step back then.

  3. Money changers.

    In fact , I just ran away from my unloved specialty and went where I really wanted to go. I'm not afraid for my future now.

    In fact, during this time, I changed my views on some things in life. I realized, for example, that when you have a lot of free time, it's better to spend some of it on investing in your future and making money (memes and hanging out with friends have not been canceled either, but there are weekends for this, and not all the evenings of the week in general). And so on.

    I wish I'd realized that sooner.

  4. Yes, I changed it. It was after the breakup, after the time when I was basically alone and alone, when I left the city and came back. These changes are all relative to me and my world. This is not a haircut for a mustache, but deleting the vk page so as not to communicate with friends, and creating an alternative for things that interest me. These are new hobbies, new books with non-artistic content. New channels on YouTube. New environment. New views on life. And I like to think that these changes are continuing.

  5. Yes, it was twice. For me, my girlfriend left when something happened that I don't want to talk about. The first time I had my own relationship with friends, because the relationship with the entire company of the former was tied to her. Then I started my own life and met my future wife. I do not believe that it is impossible to close a pass to life in yourself, it is enough to allow yourself to allow yourself to live in the present day. Just be happy, think through your prospects. Strive to be a good person. And this is IMHO, the most important thing

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