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  1. Oh, yes! I will say more, in all secondary schools of my native world (Puppet), a subject called “The basics of the existence of astral personalities and their management”is taught without fail. This discipline is just as important here as in schools in your world, for example, ” Fundamentals of Life Safety “(OBZH). In the lessons of “OSALUI”, as it is called abbreviated in the Russian-speaking puppet country of Matreshia, we are taught first of all who or what astral entities are, in what forms they exist, how to defend ourselves from hostile entities and resist their attempts to infiltrate our space and our bodies in general, as well as the technique of remote control of these entities and control over them, and much more in the same plane. I always had a solid A in this subject at school. And the excellent knowledge of this subject was very useful to me in my puppet life already in the World of People, when I just had to put this knowledge into practice.

    Let me remind you that dolls, as living intelligent beings, are fully trainable, themselves consist of doll bodies and astral personalities enclosed in them. Consequently, we are just as potentially vulnerable to external astral influences as humans are to split personalities, for example. By the way, bifurcation and multiplication of personalities in humans also occur as a result of a very strong external astral influence from the outside, often from the other worlds, namely from individuals and entities living in these worlds, but now and then penetrating the Real World (also the World of People). And I must admit that I know from my own experience how these astral entities work when they set out to infiltrate someone's body in order to create a split personality for its owner, within a few years or even faster to re-dominate, completely displace the original personality and, having self-legalized, legitimized their existence in the Real World, become the only person in the body thus acquired. I describe my experience.

    Having done all this work, I decided not to destroy that personality altogether, but to give it the opportunity to exist remotely, already outside the body and even outside my consciousness, in order to astral connect to it when I need it, and also astral control it and its (his) actions and events in the life of this personality, which now flows on the border of realities, somewhere on the periphery of parallel worlds. Ha, as a matter of fact, I need this astral personality now only for the daily training of my astral abilities.

    In summary, I have quite a lot of experience in creating, managing, and removing astral personalities.

  2. Of course, I created it, and I create it quite often. It differs from schizophrenia in the full realization that this is just a role for yourself and people in the form of actors 🙂 But seriously, I try to take from people the best, in my opinion, models of behavior in a particular situation.

  3. This is normal practice for people with high IQs. You can experiment in society, showing other personalities. The main thing is not to play too much in these images, otherwise you can really fall into a schizophrenic state.

  4. Clarification from the author: creating alternative personalities so that in extreme or important situations for well-being, these ” personalities “take the main place, replacing the possibly destructive features of the”leader”. Tulpas are already separate creatures. Perhaps someone knows scientific works or people who consciously split up their personality.

  5. Isn't the author referring to the creation of a lucid hallucination, the so-called tulpa? Still, it's definitely not about schizophrenia or social relations. If I'm right, I read about it then.

  6. If I understand the question correctly, this is already a clear manifestation of schizophrenia, and there are many such cases. Take, for example, the famous story of Billy Milligan, whose personality was split into 24 full-fledged personalities, and not all of them were positive.

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