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  1. I was depressed and at the beginning of quarantine.

    Derealization was during the acute phase of depression. I looked at an object and got a feeling like ” what is this all about?” At the same time, I couldn't take my eyes off him.

    Sartre described something similar in his book Nausea. I began to reread it and somehow it became easier, but I'm not the only one like this.

    Not so long ago, at the beginning of quarantine, I was again visited by a feeling of unreality of the surrounding world, I was as if “in cotton wool”. My senses were dulled. I didn't like it very much.

    I went and got tested for thyroid hormones. This happens with hypothyroidism.

    I discussed it with my psychologist. It turned out that under the” cotton wool ” strong anger. And when I express it, the cotton wool goes away.

    I also talked a lot with colleagues in different groups. It turned out that many experienced the same thing, in waves. It seemed to be a type of mental reaction to stress.

    My conclusion: it's good to have someone who understands you at such times. Even if it's the author of the book.

  2. Any deviations from the invented norms are perceived as a negative and we strive to return to the previous state as soon as possible.

    These can be opportunities to explore yourself more deeply, to look at the world and yourself from a different angle, unusual and therefore important.

    The opportunity to change your life for the better, get rid of stereotypes and patterns of perception.

    Do not rush to get rid of everything unusual, it can be useful and answer hidden questions.

  3. It's a long time to describe my story, but I can say with confidence that I got rid of DP and others. Terrible conditions, I don't even know which is worse if you choose between and between. I found the way to deliverance almost by myself [without pills]. By the way, if I didn't have these conditions, I wouldn't understand what it's like to live without social phobia 🙂

  4. During stressful situations, or even when I was even a little nervous or afraid, I got a sense of unreality. As if everything that is happening now is unreal or I'm in another parallel world. And feeling this, I became more afraid and this feeling intensified. I came across an article about it once (I can't find it now) that this feeling of “unreality” is a protective reaction of the body, so it turns out a small vicious circle. Stressful situation = excitement = includes a sense of unreality in order to protect your body = from this feeling, we experience even more and, accordingly, the reaction increases. All you need is to calm down, meditation helps quite well. The doctors did absolutely nothing to help me except prescribe me pills for high blood pressure and pay absolutely no attention to my words. In any case, I've gotten over it now and haven't felt it in a long time.

  5. After an unsuccessful drug trip, he suffered from this for three months. Over the course of three months, there were very frequent deja vu, probably fifty times. Sometimes several times a day. Sometimes deja vu is inside deja vu. This is generally some kind of tin. It was terrible.

    How can you not start freaking out and think about your own reality and the reality of the world around you? How can you not think about free will?

    But I seem to have kept my sanity, and it's all gone now. I was helped by close people and time. Yes, I can't check if everything is real, if I'm real, but what difference does it make in the long run? You need to enjoy life and believe in something.

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